A Paranoia-scenario, with escape room elements, where secret societies battle in a struggle between all the conventions groups. In their missions, they will obtain clues to solve puzzles – but who will prevail?

Players/GM 5 players + 1 GM

Time 5 hours (exactly!)

Language Danish and English

Age limit None

How much do you have to read 1 page 

  • Wackiness

  • Puzzles

  • Cluster fuck


Good daycycle Citizen

In a distant future, everyone lives in a underground utopian paradise ruled by everyone’s friend: The Computer. It has created Alpha Complex for you, Citizen. You and the other clones – all grown to serve Alpha Complex.

Everything is provided for; there is efficiency in everything. Because the computer says so. If you disagree with the Computer, it is treason – and treason is punished by summary execution.

You have a mutant power. That’s treason. You are a member of a secret society . That’s treason. However, you have a bigger problem. For one other societies with only robot members, Corpore Metal is making a plan to wipe out all clones.

However, a solution has emerged that your company must get their hands on. In your sector of Alpha Complex, a mysterious black box has appeared that might contain the solution to the Corpore Metal problem … Welcome to Operation B.O.X, Citizen.

A scenario with both tabletop roleplaying, puzzles and live game, against the other teams. You have NERF guns … the other teams also have NERF guns.

The designer

Troels has been playing this setting, Paranoia, since he was young teenager. And run games, and designed games. He also works professionally as a Escape Room designer. This is his second solo scenario for Fastaval.

Troels thinks you should see this setting video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teaPeIl1KmI