In cold space a shapeless parasite crashes into a high-tech space station.
The parasite is cold, hungry and afraid. It fights for sustenance, its life, and to evolve.
The station does everything to retain full functionality in spite of the sudden assault.
Together they struggle for each to survive.

Parasite is a game for two players about how to survive encountering the unknown. It is technically possible to cooperate such that both may survive, but pressure from the game and your focus on surviving on your own make it almost impossible. More often, it happens that only one, or maybe none, survives the encounter.

In the game, you play cards to manipulate the state of the game board, refine resources, spread tentacles, attack or absorb sustenance, but it is also about figuring out the other player’s goals.

The parasite and the station use markedly different mechanics. The parasite focuses on long-term planning and on getting to know their own needs. The station works at getting the perfect combination of game state and cards that it can utilize repeatedly.

Asymmetric, card-driven, semi-competitive

About the designer:
In his daily life, Uffe teaches exciting topics, such as maths and programming, and a bit of games, too. He spends far more time playing and explaining board games.

For the past couple of years he has been circling the board games at Fastaval, as judge and organizer, but now it is time for him to make games himself.

Uffe prefers peculiar games that can hardly survive in a commercial setting, and he will rather play interesting games, than merely good games.