You are marooned on a deserted island. Hunger, thirst and disease threathen everywhere. How will you and your fellow islanders survive in the hostile nature? In Party Survival the goal is to found out what the others are planning and survive long enough to get off the island. Players are hunting vital resources on the island. The more you acquire, the better your chance of escaping unscathed. Party Survival is a short and intense card game that requires some strategy and quite a bit of luck. Every round, players investigate the island. In a sign language battle you try to guess the moves of the opponents and claim the best resources while avoiding the dangers of the jungle. Will you go for the best cards, risking to lose all, or will you try to play it safe?

This game is best enjoyed with tongue in cheek and snacks on the table. Playing time is about 45 mins, depending of the number of players.

Key words. Mechanichs: Set Collection, Card Drafting, Competitive Theme: Party, Simultaneous Action Selection, Bluffing, Take That.

About the designer: The blooming board game industry and some of the fantastic titles that have shaped it – inspired Niklas to have a go at designing a game himself. He considers himself a dedicated hobby designer since he has yet to be published by others than himself. In his designs, he pursues lighter and social games like this years entry “Party Survival”. Niklas work as Art Director with experience design. Apart from working on own titles and sometimes making art for other designers – he also run the irregular updated website where the art and artist behind board games are revealed through interviews and articles.