Requierements: Bring your own dice

When: All Fastaval

Where: C57 & C58

Price: Free

At Fastaval we will continuously be running organized play events of Pathfinder (1st edition), Pathfinder (2nd edition) and Starfinder.  We don’t need you to sign up in advance, so just drop by any time. Games will be run in Danish or English. Pathfinder Society is suited for all ages, so everyone is welcome. Simply bring your own set of dice, and we will bring the rest. 

There’s no requirements to participate, and no restrictions on who can. 

There’s no max/min (other than physical space), if more people show up, we’ll just open up another table. 

It will run throughout all of Fastaval. Literally. Even when everyone else is at the bar, you’ll be able to find us playing.