In Pedigree Dogs you build up your kennel of dogs, train them, and compete against other players at various dog sports to score the most points.
You do this through selecting of actions to gather resources and playing dog cards to your kennel.

  • Duration: 90-120 minutes

  • Player count: 2-4

  • Language: English


What’s unique is that you build up your dog kennel by choosing from 100+ different dog breeds with true to life traits.
You train and breed your dogs to compete head to head against the other player’s dogs in over 15 different real world dog sports like hunting, agility, obedience trials, dog sledding, dog shows, and more.

Pedigree Dogs is a card based engine builder/tableau builder. You play dogs next to each other on the table to activate adjacencies bonuses and you select actions to receive for instance more dog cards or dog food.
Dogs are trained mentally, physically and groomed to look nice. These traits, along with their weight, are what determine how well they do with their handler at the competitions.
Additionally special inherent abilities can improve their performance. For instance hunting breeds gets a bonus when going hunting, while herding dogs obviously are better at herding sheep than a terrier for instance.

With deep thematic ties, the game will first and foremost appeal to dog lovers both through realistic dog breeds, competitions, and thematic “game abilities” (e.g. hunting dogs bringing home food when being trained). But it will also appeal to players who love engine building games with opportunities to create powerful combos through card abilities and action selection.

About the designer

Jesper works at Alfa Laval Aalborg A/S in After Sales as a sales supporter and customer claims coordinator.
He has played board games since the mid-80s, where the heavier war games like Squad Leader and World in Flames were played. In recent years, it has become mostly Star Wars X-wing Miniatures and games such as Carcassonne and Charterstone.
Jesper has been modifying existing games and more recently working on his own designs.