Set sail, grab your pencils and navigate the treacherous sea in search for pirate treasure.

  • Duration: 45-60 min

  • Participants: 2-4

  • Language: English

  • Digital platform: This game will not be playable in digital format.


Pencil Pirates is a competitive ‘Draw & Write’ game (a twist on the popular ‘roll & write’ genre) for 2-4 players (a solo variant might be available). You compete against the other pirate captains for treasures in order to score the most points and plan your route to avoid the dangers ahead. The winner is the pirate with the most points at the end of the game. Pencil Pirates is simple and easy to learn, but unpredictable as the sea…

Players take turns making their ‘routes’ on the Map, by drawing straight lines with colored pencils, in order to collect the most items – Diamonds, Rum bottles, Ships and Keys and adding them to their ‘Score Sheet’ to gain points. With only 14 rounds per game, and items that can only be collected once, each pirate must be cunning and precise at every turn to succeed.
To increase their score, pirates can unlock treasure chests, rescue shipwrecked sailors, encounter mysterious mermaids or recover the missing pieces of the legendary Captain Blackbeard’s wardrobe.

Pencil Pirates offers exciting moments and tense decision-making – should you try to collect Captain Blackbeard’s wardrobe or go for the treasure chests instead? No matter what, the straightforward gameplay and theme will cause much friendly back-and-forth banter and the occasional pirate joke.

Pencil Pirates appeals to anyone that likes to draw and play challenging games with a fun theme.

About me (designer)

I have worked as a graphic designer and concept developer on computer games, advertising and animated films since the mid 1990s. I began designing board games almost 3 years ago, mostly by coincidence but also because I wanted to do something else creatively that was not part of my daily job routine. After the first year, I almost gave up when I realised how difficult it was to design a board game from scratch. Being part of a small game developer group in Copenhagen, where we test our games and give feedback on each other’s ideas, has increased the speed of my prototyping process and motivated me to complete projects. My goal is to get my own board games published. Pencil Pirates is one of those games, and the first game I have contributed to the Fastaval competition.