Minimum 1 participant

Maximum 7 participants

When: Friday at 17.30-19.30

Price: Free

Playing with Methods is a playful format for exploring and iterating ideas.
The format is simple. Someone suggests an idea (for example an exercise, a set of instructions or a larp mechanic) and we quickly find a way to test this. When we have experimented for a little while, we run a short evaluation of the test. Then anyone can suggest changes or iterations or new uses for the idea, which we then test.
We work with an idea for as long as makes sense. Then someone else can suggest a new idea to work with.
All ideas and iterations that we work with is free for all participants to use. All participants are free to suggest ideas as well as to change and find new uses for other people?s ideas.
We try to discuss as little as possible, the focus is on exploration through testing and play.
The first half of the workshop will be a facilitated warmup presenting different exercises and concepts. The warmup will focus on creating a base of shared experiences that can inspire the collaboration and create a sense of trust and playfulness within the group.