It is the year of our Lord 1891. Gaslights illuminate the streets of London, Paris, Copenhagen and the other European capitals. Industrialization is changing the world, the Wild West has been won, though not fully tamed, and Science is surging forward, powered by massive steam engines. Yet, the Old world still lingers:

Noble families and old societies cling to power, and superstition and religion have a hold in both commoner and privileged. The wild frontiers of the world, while shrinking, still holds vast areas of uncharted territory. While the Telegraph has been invented, and Mr. Bell’s telephone has long since been patented, the most reliable and commonplace way of long-distance communication remains…

The Letter.

Requierements: The ability to write/read letters (or have someone to help you)

When: Wednesday evening to Sunday midday – you write and collects letter whenever it suits you 

Where: Anywhere – the main post office is i hallway A at Mariagerfjord Gumnasium

Price: Free

About Posthaste

Posthaste is a game about writing letters. The old-fashioned way, with pen and paper.

It is very simple: You join the game at any time during Fastaval, create a character, and start writing letters to the other characters in the game. You decide what you want to write about, to whom, and how your character’s story should unfold. The letters you choose to write might spawn a whole new plot thread that could last the entire Fastaval and involve dozens of players, or just be a brief exchange of words between two people. No letter is too big, too small, too exciting or too trivial.

You can write about your search for the lost city of Eldorado in the jungles of South America, your infiltration of the Czar’s secret police, or how you are tracking a gentleman villain intent on stealing the Queen’s crown jewels. You can write to potential business partners about new investments and business opportunities, to fellow scientists about your disagreement on their latest publications, or to your close friends and relatives about deaths and births in the family, marriage proposals, gossip about other characters, or exchange of gardening and cooking tips. You can write whatever you want.

There is no fixed storyline in Posthaste, only a description of the world the game takes place in. You can create your own background and plot, or be inspired by the ideas provided by the organizers. Through the letters you write and receive, you and the other players create the story of Posthaste.

How does it work?
Letters are exchanged through the official Posthaste post office. Characters will not meet ingame, and players are very welcome to hide their identity from each other until the game is over.

The Posthaste post office will also have a newspaper, with news from the Posthaste world, and a board with the characters of Posthaste, the setting, and other practical details. Writing stations with pen and paper and mailboxes will be available at a number of locations. It is up to you to decide how much time you want to spend on the game; you can write just one letter, or one hundred. You can join at any time, and stop at any time, and you can write when it is convenient to you.

The game is international friendly, since players choose which languages they wish to write and receive letters in. The game is also suited for all ages, as long as the players can read and write, or have someone do it for them.

Keep an eye out for more information about Posthaste on the Fastaval Facebook page.