Practical Information about Fastaval 2019

Here you can find practical information about Fastaval.

Time and place

Wednesday, April 17th – Monday, April 22nd.

Mariagerfjord Gymnasium, Amerikavej 5, 9500 Hobro

All prices are shown in DKK


Ticket type Price
Entrance – One-day (Bought through the sign-up) 90 kr.
Entrance – One-day (Bought at the door) 100 kr.
Entrance – All days 335 kr.
Entrance – All days – ALEA member 210 kr.
Ticket type Price
Entrance – All days 250 kr.
Entrance – All days – ALEA member 135 kr.
Ticket type Price
Entrance – All days 0 kr.

As a voluntary Fastaval organizer you get a discount on your entrance ticket and accomodation.

Ticket type Price
Entrance – All days 100 kr.


Type Price
Rental of mattresses 150 kr.
Accommodation – One-day 75 kr.
Accommodation – All days 200 kr.
Accommodation – All days – Fastaval organizer 50 kr.

Sign up

Sign up for Fastaval will open February 9th and close March 14th. The opening will be announced both here on the homepage and on Facebook.

Important dates for Fastaval 2019

Here you can get an overview for important dates and deadlines towards Fastaval which applies for participants, designers and writers.


  • August 26: The, General Assembly of ALEA. Read more about ALEA here or the event on Facebook here.
  • August 31: Deadline for the delivery of Board Games synopsis. Read more about designerboardgames here (link til siden om designerbrætspil).
  • September 1: Deadline for the delivery of scenario synopsis. Read more about the opening scenarios here (link til siden om premierescenarier).
  • November 2 to 4: Writers’ Weekend for this years’ writers of the opening scenarios. Please contact for more information


  • February 1. This years’ Prediscloser for the opening scenarios and designer board game is expected to be published on the home page
  • February 6: Deadline for delivery of opening scenarios
  • February 9: Sign-up opens
  • March 14: Sign-up for food and registration demanding activities closes, comprising of opening scenarios, designer board games and Fastaval Junior
  • April 11: An email with information about your roleplay, board games and activities, together with DIT tasks is expected to be launched
  • April 15-17: Fastaval will be set-up. Read more about it here.
  • April 17-22: Fastaval
  • April 22: Fastaval is being knocked down. Read more about it here.

Fastaval has a few, simple rules that we ask you to observe. Infractions against the rules can result in your expulsion from Fastaval.


  1. Only vendors approved by Fastaval are allowed to sell food, drink, and merchandise.


  1. Fastaval appointed sleeping areas must be used for sleeping.
  2. Fire safety regulations must be obeyed. Use only the marked areas in the sleeping area for sleeping. Luggage and sleeping gear must be placed within the marked areas. The Brandvagt (the fire safety group) will move all gear found outside the marked areas.
  3. The sleeping area can only be used if you’ve bought access to the sleeping area. The “Brandvagt” will be checking if you have the necessary ticket by checking your bracelet at the entrance to the sleeping area at the Sports Center.

Alcoholic beverages

  1. On Mariagerfjord Gymnasium all consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden.
  2. You must be 18 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages at Fastaval.
  3. As a rule, Fastaval allows no alcoholic beverages except those sold by Fastaval vendors. This rule is suspended during the Otto party, all alcoholic beverages must be checked in at the Info when you arrive. The Info will be stored the items until Sunday.


  1. Smoking will be allowed in “Tågefyrsternes Dal” (The Valley of the Mist Lords) at the Gymnasium all through Fastaval, the same is true for the Main entrance to the Idrætscenter (Sports Center) at the Bar.
  2. At the Oasis smoking is allowed from 10 in the morning until 1 at night. Smoking after 1 is not allowed due to consideration of the neighbors.


  1. Please show appropriate respect for the neighbors to the event at all times, we ask that you show careful consideration while outside.


  1. Only animals that are certified as Assistance animals can be brought with you to Fastaval.

Under Danish law, any consumption of or distribution of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.

The Bunker of Fastaval reserves the right to amend the rules during the Convention for the sake of the Convention and the well being of the participants.


In 2019, Fastaval gets the evening meal delivered from a local kitchen and will have food delivery in the common area. The food must be ordered during the registration and closes with the ordinary registration on March 14th.

Besides the pre-ordered food you can buy sandwiches and snacks from our Kiosk.

Breakfast (Served from 8-10.30)

DKK 30 per day:

Breakfast will be a breakfast buffet with a large selection of almonds. breakfast oatmeal, cornflakes, bread, fruit, bread and much much more.

Dinner (Served from 17.30-19.30)

DKK 85 per day:

For dinner, in addition to the menu, there is also salad and bread.

Menu – Standard

  • Wednesday: Lasagna
  • Thursday: Chicken in curry with whole grain rice
  • Friday: Pork loin with fried potatoes and paprika sauce
  • Saturday: Minced beef patty with boiled potatoes and brown sauce
  • Sunday: Wok with noodles

Menu – Vegetarian

  • Wednesday: Lasagna on soy protein
  • Thursday: Vegetable Pie
  • Friday: Chili con carne with soy protein
  • Saturday: Ratatouille with whole grain rice
  • Sunday: Vegetable steak with fried potatoes and paprika sauce

If you have bought a ticket that includes overnight stay you will get a space in one of our dormitories

The dormitory at Hobro Idrætscenter

If you have bought a ticket that includes overnight stay you will get a space in our dormitory. You can bring your own mattress or rent a foam mattress when you sign up. There are toilet and bathing facilities in connection with the dormitory. This is the default solution, so unless you do anything else, this will be the option you chose.

Smaller dormitories at Bymarksskolen

You can also request to sleep in one of the classrooms at the nearby Bymarksskolen. This option is for persons with special needs. If you would like to sleep in such a room with a few other participants (10-20), contact us at

We need to know the following:

  • Your name.
  • Your requirements.
  • And if you want to, your reasons for these requirements.

We will group people according to their requirements.

No accommodation

If you haven’t bought a ticket with an overnight stay, it is your own responsibility to figure where you will sleep during the convention. There are several options in Horbo close to Fastaval.

  • Danhostel, Hobro
  • Hotel Amerika

Fastaval have again in 2019 an agreement with Hotel America, where if you say that you are booking accommodation for Fastaval, you can rent a single room for 595 Kr./nat and a double room for 656 Kr./nat with breakfast.

Østerskov Efterskole

The school has rooms available for Fastaval participants, primarily for the use of families and foreign nationals. More information on this option will be made available on Fastaval’s facebook page.


As a participant in Fastaval, it is your own responsibility to get to and from Fastaval, but we have gathered some information about your options to help you get there.

Public transportation:

Hobro Train Station is about 5 km from Mariagerfjord Gymnasium.

Hobro Bus Terminal is about 2 km from Mariagerfjord Gymnasium.

Information on trains and buses to Fastaval can be found via Midttrafik and Nordjyllands Trafikselskab.

The Copenhagen Bus:

Every year dedicated participants arrange a communal bus from Copenhagen to Fastaval. Sign up for the bus will be announced on Fastavals Facebook Page.


You can buy Fastaval Wear when you sign up for the convention or at Fastaval 2019


DIT means Do It Together and is just about the most important and unique thing about Fastaval.

At Fastaval you’re neither a guest nor a customer, but a participant. This means that in the course of your Fastaval, you must give a
couple of hours of your time to the community. It is YOURS and our Fastaval, and so it is that we all give a hand to make
everything come together. Every year the DIT’s do their bit to make sure that Fastaval has a working common area, roleplaying
games, clean toilets, sandwiches for the hungry, the Oasis, the Bar and everything else.

The way that DIT works is that you sign up for one or more tasks. By default, you get just one task during Fastaval, with which you
help an area. It’s nice, and you meet lots of good people from the whole convention. It is so very nice that every year there are
Super DIT’s who choose to spend their whole Fastaval helping out.

How to become a DIT

DIT service is mandatory (unless you’re already some sort of organizer). You sign up for DIT when you sign up for Fastaval. Here
you can indicate when you would like to help out with DIT, and you have an opportunity to influence what you want to do.

You might DIT in:

  • Cleaning rooms
  • Dirtbusters (over 18)
  • Dishwashing
  • Fastaval Junior
  • James (helping out during the Otto party)
  • Party bar (alcohol-free)
  • Party dishwashing
  • Party setup
  • The Bar (over 18)
  • The Coffee Lounge
  • The fire watch (over 18)
  • The Kiosk
  • The Oasis (over 18)

Setup and cleanup

Setup and cleanup mark the beginning and end of Fastaval. It is something we do together, to get it done as fast as possible so we can enjoy our Fastaval.

Setup starts Monday morning before Fastaval. We receive the keys for the school at 9 AM and the preparation work for Fastaval starts at 10 AM. Setup lasts until Wednesday at noon, where we arrange and prepare the school classrooms for roleplay and set up the school for Fastaval. During the setup, Fastaval provides breakfast, lunch and dinner for all of you who are at the school.

Cleanup starts with breakfast Monday morning at 9 AM, after an amazing Otto Party. We’ll spend the day cleaning the school and restoring it to the condition we received it in. It’s a tough job, but it is a lot easier and more enjoyable when we help each other. Cleanup isn’t done until everything is cleaned and back to the ordinary and the school janitor has approved the school. Fastaval provides dinner, as we usually celebrate the end with pizza on the house.

For both setup and cleanup, we need all the help we can get. Even if you’re only able to help and lend a hand part-time, we would still love to have you.

Photo policy

Photos taken in common areas at Fastaval may be published on Fastaval’s website, Facebook and Instagram. If for some reason you
do not want your photos to be online or used by Fastaval, please contact and we will, of course, remove
them. Likewise, if you wish to be specifically credited for your picture, please contact us.

  • Ongoing roleplaying may not be photographed without approval obtained in advance from all participants.
  • Please always respect participants’ not wanting to be photographed.
  • Please make the photographers aware if you do not wish to be photographed.
  • Children may not be photographed without approval obtained in advance from their parents/guardians.
  • If you wish to share your photos with Fastaval, please forward them with credits to