Shops at Fastaval

There will be ample opportunity to bring loot home from Fastaval. Each year we have shops coming to Fastaval to sell their wares and goods. They can be found in the common area and in the adjacent rooms  – so be on the lookout. There are both old and new with classics such as Dragons Lair, Epic Panda and Læsehesten, but even so, there are new and different shops every year.

Below you can read a bit about the shops at Fastaval 2019.

Books & Dragons

Come around Books & Dragons and try the demo version of the computer game ”Legend of Andari” and hear a bit about, what it is like to create computer games.

Have a talk with the author behind the fantasy-book ”Ildens Flamme” volume one in the trilogy ”Ildsangen”, whereas volume 2 ”Flammens Sti” is being written. If you buy ”Ildens Flamme” you can get it signed by the author.

Are you in need of a dragon, a new pair of dragon gauntlets or maybe some loot? Come and have a look – it is all handmade.

Want to know more?

Open for business Wednesday after set-up – 21.00; Thurs-Saturday: 9.00 – 21.00; Sunday 9.00 – until break-up sometime in the afternoon.

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New shops are added along the way…