Riding Shotgun is a team-based game of bold bandits and grizzled guards battling it out in a frantic stagecoach raid on the sun-bleached plains of the Old West. Tactical card play, clever teamwork and shrewd bluffing will be needed to see your team triumph, riding off victoriously into the sunset.

  • Duration: 120 min (incl. rules)

  • Participants4-8

  • Language: English or Danish

  • Digital platform: Tabletop Simulator. You must purchase and install this software before you can play.


In Riding Shotgun, two teams of players take on opposing roles, as guards trying to escort a stagecoach loaded with gold safely to the big city, or bandits looking to pull off the perfect raid and get away with all the loot.

The guards can win by shooting up the bandits so badly that they turn tail and flee, or by defending themselves long enough that the stagecoach reaches the end of the trail. Meanwhile, the bandits can try and stop the stage altogether with dynamite, or use their lassos to grab all the bags of gold from under the guard’s noses!

Each turn, players hold a hand of cards, from which they must discard one. This discarded card determines the order that players take actions, and becomes available for use to the opposing team, so careful decisions need to be made from the get go. On a player’s activation they can use their cards to shoot enemies, throw dynamite, lasso gold or defend against enemy attacks. Additionally, every action involves one card being played face down, so opportunities to bluff and counterbluff abound. At the end of the turn, the discarded cards left on the table determine whether the stagecoach speeds up or slows down, adding another layer of intrigue to the gameplay.

Players also have a limited number of intervention cards, which can be used at key moments to prevent a crucial attack, assist an ally or regain much-needed grit points, which are lost when a player takes a hit or is caught bluffing. The right intervention at a key moment might just swing the game in your favour.

Riding Shotgun is a fast-paced game of teamwork, bluffing and tense decision making. Ultimately, the team that can co-ordinate its actions the best will come out on top!

About me (designer)

My background in gaming stems from the tabletop miniatures world – I’ve been collecting and painting models for about 30 years, which is a sobering thought! I’m a relative newcomer to boardgame design though, and Riding Shotgun is my first completed project, although I have several other games at various stages of development.

It’s been a great experience to develop Riding Shotgun with Soren, as our styles and skillsets complement each other well. I’m looking forward to creating more games with him in the future!

About me (designer)

This is my second game at Fastaval. Last year I entered with “Playful Gods”. This year I teamed up with Mark to create this amazing stagecoach gold robbery game. Coming up with the theme and mechanics – and getting everything working digitally this year – has been a lot of fun.

At day I’m a project manager, and at night I’m a game designer. If you find me staring empty into the room, then it’s probably because I’m trying to incorporate a new game mechanic in a game in my head.