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Scenarios at Fastaval 2019

On this page, you can read about the scenarios for Fastaval 2019.

2028 by Katrine Wind

Marie has gone missing and four friends travel through a post-apocalyptic Odense in an attempt to save her. After the climate catastrophe, the city is nothing like the city they grew up in.

By the forest by Rasmus Troelsen

About a young girl who seeks to test the limits and who might choose death even though she has her life ahead of her. A story about close friendships and crushing loneliness.

Ghostbuster by Gaslight by Muriel Algayres

An action comedy in a steampunk version of London in the Victorian era. There is room for both silly slip-ups and valor in this story about ghosts, friendship, and science.

MIA by Lasse Arnsdorf Pedersen

Mia’s illness takes away control and forces her to experience her life in intense flashes out of context. A love triangle drama where Mia and the two people who love her dearly try to make sense of it all.

On the trail of madness by Louis Kehlet

A lonely private detective has been hired to investigate a murder, but the deeper she delves into the case the more madness gets a hold of her and tries to tear her in different directions.

Operation Eclipse by Troels Andersen Kjær

An over-the-top action scenario with room for humor. The heroes have the freedom to fight the enemy in outer space in whichever way they see fit. They will need both huge explosions and unrivaled hacker skills.

Remember the Amazons by Johannes Busted Vestergaard

Team spirit is everything when you’re the first female Blood Bowl team in the Empire. But life outside the field begins intruding as traveling between the arenas brings the players much too close to their pasts.

Save some light for me by Evan Torner

In a neon fantasy world, we experience the different phases of life as we follow a group of friends and lovers in their battle against the Lord of Lies.

Soul whisperer by Mette Finderup

A group of adventurers investigates the mysterious disappearance of the baron’s wife. They are, however, all children so they have much yet to learn – for example, what the spells they were given actually do.

Stockholm Syndrome by Kamilla Brichs

A disturbed perpetrator has kidnapped three people and force them to live out his fantasies about domestic bliss. As long as everyone plays nice there is no reason to worry…

The Abortionists by Jon Cole

Chicago 1972. A group of activists conducts illegal abortions. A slow and authentic drama about acting upon your political stance including all the tough choices and intense moments that follow.

The Bitter End by Bjarke Pedersen and Lizzie Stark

A card-based game that takes the players through a romantic relationship from the first sparks of attraction to the love dies out. An intimate story for two players where each side has their own goals.

The Black Pill by Tayler Stokes

The scenario explores the radicalization of four young men who feel society has not given them the respect and success they feel entitled to.

The Charcoal Devil by Mikkel Bækgaard

When you’re seven you don’t see the worlds as the grownups do. But perhaps Agnete can save her younger brother from sickness if she is brave enough to face the Charcoal devil. Perhaps.

The Hall of Remembrance by Troels Ken Pedersen

As a part of the minority you retain your dignity by remembering your people’s history and culture. But can you manage to do that while also adopting and complying with the strict rules of the society you live in?

The horror from the Moon Tower by Morten Greis

A dungeon crawl about a group of adventurers who are stranded on an island inhabited by madness and strange events. Can they solve the mystery causing it all or will they be trapped there forever?

The League by Cille Nemeth og Ida Mia Thylstrup

A story about the sense of community and social drama that exists between a group of online gamers. A tale of growing up both in and outside of the virtual world – and AWESOME online battles.

The Racing Rats by Kristian Bach Petersen

Four incompetent skavens have been sent to bring a dented copper bowl back to the sacred halls of the Horned Rat. Can they succeed without getting caught by humans and without stabbing each others’ backs?

The Sun always Shines in Rome by Henrik Ditmer

A sitcom about ancient Rome where four friends enjoy life with plenty of crazy conspiracies to deal with. How everything pans out depends on who has arguments bad enough to win any discussion.

The Truth about Eternity by Clio Yun-Su Davis

A sci-fi story about the relationship between ancestors and descendants in a future where the digital grave provides opportunity of eternal life – as long as the descendants are willing to pay for the server.

Towards the end by Nicolai Strøm Steffensen

The safe routine at the local pub is taken away as the bar has to close. For four of the regulars it might be a chance to change their lives, but will they choose to let go of each other and the familiar idleness?

Tramuntana by Rasmus Høgdall

As the Franco regime falls, four fascists flee towards the French border to escape the communists. Trapped in the storm that drives people mad their idealism is put to the test.

Trauma Ward by Mo Holkar

The trauma ward is a setting for four men who are recovering from surgery. Will they be able to reach out to each other before being discharged back into a world with expectations of what men may talk about?

TRUMP by Stefan Skriver Lægteskov

A scenario about intrigues and power plays in the president’s inner circle. How far will the trusted employees go to win Trump’s loyalty and is it better to deal with the shady business alone or together?

Wolfenstein 1950 by Mikkel Bistrup Andersen

The pace is high and the computer game style integrated into this experience using cut scenes, boss fights and awesome weapons when the elite soldiers fight the Nazis and their experiments.