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Scenarios at Fastaval 2019

On this page, you can read about the scenarios for Fastaval 2019.

2028 by Katrine Wind

Marie is gone. To save her, her four friends travel through the ruins of the city of Odense, that has been ravaged by diseases and chaos. But how will the four of them change during their journey? Keywords: Interpersonal drama - Tough choices - Flashbacks Everything is gone: The people they knew… the Internet… running water… Marie. After the [...]

Black Metal Live 2: Froztbitten Thunder Edition by TÆSK

The intrigue and personal drama run wild when five Black Metal bands meet up in the bar. Each and every one of them has brought secrets and grudges to settle while the alcohol flows. About the scenario: Number of players: 15 players and 2 GMs Play time: 4-5 hours Age limit: 18+ Language of player materials: Danish Language of [...]

By the forest by Rasmus Troelsen

By the Forest is the story of four friends and their summer before college. It is about entering adulthood, to believe in yourself, about the hard choices in life and the consequences of those choices. Keywords: Coming of age - Drama - Friendship For a moment during the party, the four of us meet. With our arms around each [...]

Cyberpunk: Inhumanity by Mads Egedal Kirchhoff

A genre scenario where you create your own cyberpunk world and stories about technology run amok. Cyborgs, AI, virtual reality and neon dystopia! Stikord: Science fiction, story game, system. Acid rain on dark, metal-clad streets. Neon holograms commercials for sex, guns and virtual drugs. She’s by the Saito Megacorps headquarter, typing furiously, breaking firewall. “I’m in, go!”. The sound [...]

Finishing the bottle by Nicolai Strøm Steffensen

The safe routine at the local pub is taken away as the bar has to close. For four of the regulars it might be a chance to change their lives, but will they choose to let go of each other and the familiar idleness? About the scenario: Number of players: 4 players and 1 GM Play time: 4-5 hours [...]

Ghostbuster by Gaslight by Muriel Algayres

A team of Ghostbusters in 1889 Victorian London. A light-hearted character-based action scenario focusing on friendship and teamwork within a complicated team of colorful individuals. Keywords: Victorian - Ghost hunters - Friendship London, 1889. Following a rise in supernatural phenomenon and spiritualist craze, a group of scientists and psychics creates the Ghostbuster initiative, the first company dedicated to fighting [...]

Investigating madness by Louis Kehlet

The three parts of private detective Elin’s personality pull her in each their own direction as her mind begins to fray while investigating the dealings of a mysterious cult. Keywords: Lovecraft - Investigation - Noir Elin is a private detective hired to investigate a murder. The killing is only the first of many, and as she uncovers the facts [...]

Kill the Elites! by Katastrofe Kompagniet

Wielding power is always subject to some controversy, and the shifting power is always bloody. Does it have to be this way? The world of Shadowrun offers a lot of alternatives...and it's time for a change! Keywords: Shadowrun - Heist - Action An adventure on a whiteboard, cracking candy bags and rule discussions? No right! Kill the Elites is [...]

MIA by Lasse Arnsdorf Pedersen

Mia’s illness takes away control and forces her to experience her life in intense flashes out of context. A love triangle drama where Mia and the two people who love her dearly try to make sense of it all. About the scenario: Number of players: 3 players and 1 GM Play time: 4 hours Age limit: 16+ Language of [...]

Operation Eclipse by Troels Andersen Kjær

An over-the-top action scenario with room for humor. The heroes have the freedom to fight the enemy in outer space in whichever way they see fit. They will need both huge explosions and unrivaled hacker skills. Keywords: Action - Sci-fi - Humorous This is General Williams speaking. Humanity faces the greatest threat ever, and YOU are the ones I [...]

Queen Bees by Thor Fejerskov Jensen and Marie Oscilowski

Nothing is more important than who becomes Prom Queen. Intrigues and drama eliminate the candidates one by one. Go for the crown yourself or at least prevent your rival from getting it! Keywords: High school-comedy - Ensemble drama - Intrique “What is so awesome about Caesar? Brutus is just as cute as Caesar. Brutus is just as smart as [...]

Remember the Amazons by Johannes Busted Vestergaard

Team spirit is everything when you’re the first female Blood Bowl team in the Empire. But life outside the field begins intruding as traveling between the arenas brings the players much too close to their pasts. Keywords: Blood Bowl - Sports scenario - Women There’s a dreadful rain at Altdorf Oldbowl, the largest Blood Bowl stadium in the world. [...]


A story from the ancient India about a young prince and his rebellion against life it self. A travel in body and spirit towards unknown destinations. Rerun from Fastaval 2004. About the scenario: Number of players: 5 players and 1 GM Play time: 5-6 hours Age limit: 13+ Language of player materials: Danish Language of GM materials: Danish Amount [...]

Save some light for me by Evan Torner

In a neon fantasy world, we experience the different phases in the lives of a group of friends and lovers in their battle against the Lord of Lies. Keywords: Polyamory - Dreams - Biography Save Some Light for Me is a freeform scenario about the dreams and struggles of polyamorous characters in a fantasy world drawn straight from 1980s [...]

Soul whisperer by Mette Finderup

A group of adventurers investigates the mysterious disappearance of the baron’s wife. They are, however, all children so they have much yet to learn – for example, what the spells they were given actually do. About the scenario: Number of players: 4 players and 1 GM Play time: 4-5 hours Age limit: 13+ Language of player materials: Danish Language [...]

Stockholm Syndrome by Kamilla Brichs

Frank has kidnapped Karen and her two children, Louise and Anton. He forces them to live out his fantasies of an idyllic family life. As long as everybody is behaving, everything will be OK. Keywords: Drama - semi-live - traumatic After Dad died, Karen’s life has fallen apart. Her failures are mostly on the domestic front, where she leaves [...]

The A-list by Martin Andreas Dahl Sinding

Comic-book villains struggle to become true supervillains and not just a comedic footnote in history – meanwhile, a group of comic book writers throw in plot twist after plot twist, sending the villains’ arcs in an unexpected direction. Keywords: Comedy - Meta - Comic books The supervillains that everyone laughs at because of their ridiculous superpowers have had enough [...]

The Abortionists by Jon Cole and Kelley Vanda

Activists perform illegal abortions in 1972 Chicago. A charged, realistic drama about three women struggling to bring their whole lives into alignment with their feminist politics. Keywords: Feminism - realistic drama - reproductive justice Chicago 1972. A group of feminist activists risk imprisonment to offer illegal abortions to impoverished people. In the act of empowering women, they discover new [...]

The Black Pill by Tayler Stokes

Unfulfilled, humiliated, and angry, four young men are radicalized to violence. One will commit a mass shooting, taking revenge on those who wronged them - especially women, who have rejected him. Keywords: explicit sexual imagery - toxic masculinity - nihilism “You forced me to suffer all my life, now I will make you all suffer. I waited a long [...]

The Charcoal Devil by Mikkel Bækgaard

The charcoal devil takes everything from you. It is true, because the neighbour says so. And when you’re seven years old, stuff like that seems very real - especially when your little brother is ill, you’re lonely, afraid and has recently moved into a rural house next to a large forest. Keywords: Childish horror - loneliness - co-creation The [...]

The Gates of Remembrance by Troels Ken Pedersen

As a part of the minority you retain your dignity by remembering your people’s history and culture. But can you manage to do that while also adopting and complying with the strict rules of the society you live in? Keywords: Memory - Identity - Social drama The game is set in an alternate version of the 19th century, recognizable [...]

The Master of Mirrors by Elias Helfer

Four strange creatures with flaws as big as their hearts help the girl Amanda travel through a magical world to find the Master of Mirrors. Keywords: Fantastic Adventure - Character Driven - Storytelling elements When the teenage girl Amanda steps from our world into the realm of the Master of Mirrors, she encounters four strange beings, each with their [...]

The Racing Rats by Kristian Bach Petersen

Four incompetent skavens have been sent to bring a dented copper bowl back to the sacred halls of the Horned Rat. Can they succeed without getting caught by humans and without stabbing each others’ backs? Three keywords: Warhammer Intrigue Skaven ”Squee-squee. Yes-yes. Glorious and most potent of wizard engineers. We will grab the holy chalice from the humanimals hands [...]

The Sun always Shines in Rome by Henrik Ditmer

A sitcom set in ancient Rome where the senator Clodius Pulcher makes up wacky schemes, with even wackier execution, where the weakness of your arguments determines if you win a discussion. Keywords: Comedy - History - Tabletop Roleplaying “I swear, in the name of Jove, I WILL penetrate Caesar's wife!” It's Always Sunny in Rome is a sitcom set [...]

The Truth about Eternity by Clio Yun-Su Davis

A sci-fi story about the relationship between ancestors and descendants in a future where the digital grave provides opportunity of eternal life – as long as the descendants are willing to pay for the server. Keywords: Ancestor veneration - Family -  Sacrifice The Truth About Eternity is a semi-live scenario about a near-future in which ancestors are preserved in [...]

The Wondrous by Nina Runa Essendrop and Tina Heebøll Arbjørn

The Wondrous is a feelgood scenario about four people who feel different and left out. It is a scenario about sitting alone when you want to sit together with others, and about turning your back to loneliness and engaging in other people's lives. Keywords: Feelgood - Loneliness - Community We all experience the world in slightly different ways. Some [...]

Thorvald Stauning: Werewolf Hunter

Before the role as Father of a nation... Before the scandals… Before the Nobel prize… Before the duel... … Stauning and his posse from the Ministry of Control fought supernatural threats against Old Denmark. Rerun from Fastaval 2013. About the scenario: Number of players: 4 players and 1 GM Play time: 42hours Age limit: 13+ Language of player materials: [...]

To the Bitter End by Bjarke Pedersen and Lizzie Stark

A card-based roleplay that takes the players through a romantic relationship from the first sparks of attraction to when the love dies out. An intimate story for two players where each side has their own goals. Keywords: Card driven - selfish relationship - intimate experience The cutest person you’ve ever seen sits down across from you in a coffee [...]

Tramuntana by Rasmus Høgdall

As the Franco regime falls, four fascists flee towards the French border to escape the communists. Trapped in the storm that drives people mad their idealism is put to the test. Keywords: Guilt - Psychological - Pressure When the Tramuntana wind is coming, close your windows tight, barricade your doors and stay inside. When the Tramuntana wind hits, can [...]

Trauma Ward by Mo Holkar

Four strangers are recovering from major surgery. What will they share, in this place of vulnerability, before rejoining the outside world and its expectations of what men may and may not speak about?Keywords: masculinity - vulnerability - sharingFour men, strangers to each other, are in a hospital ward recovering from different kinds of major surgery. They gradually connect with each [...]

TRUMP by Stefan Skriver Lægteskov

Do you have what it takes to step into the ring of power? Can you fight with words and are you willing to bet it all and risk losing the same? TRUMP a scenario for winners, about winners, and you are a winner, right? Keywords: Trump - Prisoner’s dillema - intrige og zero sum games TRUMP is a scenario [...]

Wolfenstein 1950 by Mikkel Bistrup Andersen

The pace is high and the computer game style integrated into this experience using cut scenes, boss fights and awesome weapons when the elite soldiers fight the Nazis and their experiments. About the scenario: Number of players: 4 players and 1 gamemaster Play time: 2 hours Age limit: 13+ Language of player materials: Danish Language of GM materials: Danish [...]