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Scenarios at Fastaval 2020

The scenarios for Fastaval 2020 have now been selected. Click on each scenario for the full preview.

A DREAM OF NOTHING by Piotr Duda-Dziewierz

Dream’s siblings journey to find their lost brother. But as they travel through the world of dreams it shifts to be a place of nightmares and their own roles in all of it [...]

AHRIMAN by Henrik Dithmer

The flaws of the teenage heroes are amplified as they use their Mecha robot suits to battle evil incarnate. The darkest weapons of the Mechs may bring them victory but they might also [...]

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY by Muriel Algayres

Members of an internationally famous rock band reflect on their history presented in an unreliable musical documentary for their 25th year of existence. Old pains run deep in spite of their common passion [...]

CHAINS OF POWER by Lars Kroll Kristensen

Follow five nobles along their meteoric rise from simple pawns to master players in the Game of Power. Noblesse oblige tightly binds even the mightiest of kings with chains of responsibility in this [...]

CHANGELING by Lars Kaos Andresen and Mikkel Bækgaard

Two lonely teenagers experience their first ground-shaking love, releasing strength and powers they didn’t know about beforehand. A sensual thriller about finding the courage to be who you truly are - if you [...]

EMOTIONS OF WAR af Kenneth C. Niemann

On the battlefields of the outermost province, the fighting is both cruel and epic. In their own bloody march to a glorious death, the Roman soldiers find strength in the memories of home. [...]

EVENTIDE by Signe Løndahl Hertel

The lines between imagination and reality are blurred in the Land of the Gloaming where four 13-year-old friends seek refuge from the problems of everyday life and the outside world that doesn’t understand [...]

FORGOTTEN by Mads Egedal Kirchhoff

Four amnesiacs travel through a desolate world of terrible monsters under a broken sun. Terrible sacrifices must be done to regain their memories and even then, some will remain a mystery. [...]


Medieval spellcasters use mind control charms on one another to cope with chaos. Despite hurting others, they have a chance to heal from their own trauma & redeem themselves. Play is movement based. [...]

GLORIFIED by Thomas Christophel

Glorified is an empowering dance LARP where nobody has to dance. On the eve of an election, friends, freaks and fellow dancers celebrate their art and each other while the threat of oppression [...]

GOD THERAPY by Martin Andreas Dahl Sinding

The gods of antiquity attend therapy to work through their identity crisis. It is not easy seeing yourself portrayed in the latest superhero movies, but it is even worse when you start becoming [...]

OPERATION B.O.X. by Troels Rohde Hansen

A Paranoia-scenario, with escape room elements, where secret societies battle in a struggle between all the conventions groups. In their missions, they will obtain clues to solve puzzles – but who will prevail? [...]

THE NIGHT BEFORE EUROPA by Ann Kristine Eriksen

Two women find themselves in an odd friendship while their past during nazism and communism is slowly uncovered. A story about being spectator and accomplice to history, and about accepting the past. [...]

WHEN IN DOUBT by Sarah Jane Murdock

In this scenario, you create a religion, live by its precepts, abandon its doctrine, and then explore how life is different outside its fixed framework. Players/GM 4 players + [...]

WHILE WE WAIT FOR THE BUS by Simon James Pettitt

A bus accident changes everything. The memories from the school trip will always be in the shadow of the disaster. And the wait will be long for the families, who don’t know whether [...]

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