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Roleplaying scenarios 2021

WHERE THE TRAILS END by Anne Vinter Ratzer & Lars Kroll

Full-length. Four gunslingers face off in the scorching midday heat somewhere in the west. They have been on their way here for a long time: most of their lives. An ominous silence falls, the guns speak, and four destinies are fulfilled. Some will die, and some will finally get the revenge they have sought for so long.

ULTRAVIOLENCE by Anna Emilie Groth

Full-length. Four real good friends are sitting in a milkbar and pressuring each other until it results in an assault. Masks, milk shots and dystopia. A game about rape culture.


Full-length. A distinctly danish Call of Cthulhu dungeon scenario, where the players are caught in a labyranthine complex with an incompentent tour-guide, lots of bats, suspect guests and something slithering in the deep...


Full-length. Three adult sisters are cleaning out their father’s messy house, a man who suffered from Compulsive Hoarding Disorder throughout their childhood. In the endless piles of rubbish and things  they discover old memories of neglect and trauma  but also hope for reconciliation and a renewed sense of sisterhood.

THE ARM WRESTLER By Henrik Dithmer

Novella. In this melodramatic comedy, a crestfallen arm wrestler is both coached by and duels against the ghosts from introductory high school philosophy, Platon, Nietszche, Wollstonecraft and Marx. A duel not in strength but being oh so “deep”.

SOON by Max Møller

Novella.  The family is gathered, waiting while their mom dies. And waiting. And waiting. The players decide whether the scenario will be an absurd, frustrated comedy, where everyone keeps their grudges to themselves, or it becomes an explosive drama.

SKYPIRATE by René Toft

Full-length. Three children have lost their father. Grandma’s cheerful stories about the father as an adventurous skypirate leads to a magical journey, and an unavoidable tragedy.

PITYING BERGMAN by Frederik Berg & Rasmus Høgdall

Full-length. Nobody has had it as hard as Ingmar Bergman. Nobody has fought more for the art, the dames and the recognition. Nobody. According to Bergman. This is a cringe comedy about the Great Directors entitlement and lack of empathy as he mindlessly pursues his desires. 

MEMENTO MORRISON by Mátyás Hartyándi

Full-length. In the split second before the overdosis kills him, the shaman and club 27 member, James Morrison, must find acceptance of the inevitable. A psychedelic scenario about life-narratives.

IT’S MY FAULT by Freja Aarup Lunau

Full-length. A broken friend group meets a year after their friend died. The ghost and guilt is still there, but only via the Ouija board and gradual realizations will the players find out what really happened.

IN THE MISTS OF NEO XIN by Louise Floor Frellsen & Louis M. Kehlet

Full-length. Two murders spark the scheming from Neo Xins shining top to its sullied bottom. The detective Jackdaw returns to the city, where the dojos have degenerated into megacorporations, hunting profit and power in this neon crossover world of cyberpunk and wuxia.

FOURTEEN DAYS by Mikkel Bækgaard

Full-length. During the pandemic lockdown, two strangers from Tinder decide to go into a remote cottage together for fourteen days. Will it be a romantic drama? Or a psychological thriller?

DREAM WANDERERS by Amalie Sichlau

Full-length. Five young people are brought to the hospital after a car crash. While their bodies lie in hospital beds, their minds are lost in the Realm of Dreams, trying to find their way back to reality. 

DEAD STRIPES by Ingrid Kaaber Pors

Novella. Dead Stripes is a touching and playful novella, where we create the story of four badger cubs and their first encounter with the world outside their warm cave, as they search for their mother.

DARK PLACES by Mo Holkar

Full-length. Three brave Roman legionaries and a local priestess travel into the heart of the mystical Celtic Britain to find and capture the renegade Roman commander, Curtius. Only time will tell what they will lose on the way.

A JOURNEY HOME by Simon James Pettitt

Full-length.  Step outside and walk with Louise and her family as they travel back through the landscape to her childhood home and rediscover the memories of their life together.

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