Roleplaying Scenarios 2019

Roleplaying Scenarios at Fastaval 2019 – Call for synopsis

The Danish roleplaying convention Fastaval is looking for new scenarios to be premiered on Fastaval 2019. Please send us a synopsis describing your idéa for a roleplaying scenario and help us provide the participants at Fastaval with amazing and diverse roleplaying experiences.

Fastaval is one of Scandinavia’s, and dare we say the world’s, most prolific conventions for roleplaying games of all kinds. From more classic games, to trailblazing free forms and experimental LARPs to novella scenarios, all can be found and played at Fastaval. In recent years we have furthermore drawn a growing group of international guests to Fastaval, both as players and participants, but also as contributors to the program.

For more on Fastaval, read what journalist and author Lizzie Stark wrote about the convention after attending in 2012 and again in 2013.

We are primarily looking for games in two different categories:

Full-length scenarios: Typically for 3-6 players running up to 5 hours, all included.

Novella scenarios: Typically for 3-5 players running max. 2 hours, all included.

We are also open to scenarios that do not fit neatly into these two categories – get in touch with us before sending us your synopsis so we can discuss if your project is feasible in the context of Fastaval.

Fastaval only accepts premiere scenarios, so they cannot have run on any other convention before. You are however free to do a remake of an existing, already written scenario, your own or belonging to someone else (but it is polite to ask them first). If you want to do a remake, you need to tell us in the synopsis what significant changes the remake has from the original scenario.

We highly recommend that each writer only send in a single synopsis in order to focus on that project. It is however allowed to send in multiple synopses if you have the time and energy to make all of them into amazing experiences should they all be selected.

The Synopsis

First and foremost the synopsis consists of a presentation for your idea.

A short text that tells us of what is special about the scenario, why it is awesome and what experience the participants will get by playing it. What is the scenario about, what special mechanisms does it have, what makes it unique/cool/heartbreaking/soul-shattering good. But try to keep it to 1 or 2 pages in total.

The synopsis should also include the following information:

– Title (Not necessarily the final title, but a working title at least)

– Author (including e-mail and telephone number for all the authors involved)

– Scenario type (full-length, novella or something else)

– Genre

– Estimated running time

– Number of players

– Number of GMs (one, none, more than one?)

Also, please note whether or not you plan to attend Fastaval. It is perfectly possible to submit a scenario to Fastaval and having it played without being there in person. However, we hope very much that the authors will be there to talk to players and GMs when the scenario is playing.

Many Fastaval scenarios makes use of free form techniques, incorporate LARP elements or don’t play out around a table. If you have special needs for your scenario (a lot of players, very few players, need a particular area of play, etc) or want to check what is possible (which is almost anything!), drop us a line before sending in your synopsis.

For more on Fastaval style scenarios please check Kristoffer Apollo’s article The best one-shots in the world: The Danish scenario tradition.


Should you be interested in having a scenario on the Fastaval program in 2019, the scenario coordinators Louse Floor Frellsen and Niels Jensen need a synopsis for the scenario by Saturday September 1st 2018, 11.59 PM Danish Time (we’re EST+1), mailed to

We will get back to you no later than September 16th to let you know if your idea was selected to premiere at Fastaval 2019.

The final written scenarios needs to be mailed to no later than February 6th 2019, 11.59 PM Danish Time.