Scenario coordinators 2019

It is the goal of the scenario coordinators to provide the participants of Fastaval with the best possible roleplaying experiences. Among other things, this is done by providing opportunities for sparring, workshops and moral support for the authors – all the way through the writing process from initial idea to finished scenario. It is also the scenario coordinators that select the line up of scenarios for Fastaval, based on the synopses received each year.

Scenario coordinators for Fastaval 2019:

Louise Floor Frellsen has written scenarios for Fastaval almost every year since 2006. She does research on quantum optics, is an author of short-stories and has great experience with all the ups and downs of writing.

Niels Jensen has been layouting, writing, and sparred on scenarios for Fastaval since 2008. He spars with his students and high-school colleagues on a daily basis and finds great joy in helping the ideas of others come to fruition.

As gamemasters and as former members of the otto-jury they have both had a great many scenarios in their hands over the years.