Synopsis selection process

Synopsis selection process

Since there is normally a huge interest in submitting scenarios for Fastaval, all the synopses will go through a selection process, and we will pick the cream of the crop for the final Fastaval line up.

The guiding principle for the selection is that we are looking for the broadest range of scenarios that we believe will give the participants of Fastaval the best experience. The participants are however a large and diverse bunch, so there are many things to consider.

First we look for quality in the synopsis with regard to the scenario idéa itself and how that idea is explained. Is it clear to us what will be happening in the playing area as the game unfolds? Are we inclined to believe that this will be the basis for good roleplaying experiences?

Next we look at diversity. We want to offer the participants of Fastaval a broad palette of roleplaying experiences. Any participant who look through the program should be able to find at least one scenario that appeals directly to them. So we aim for a broad selection with regards to different parameters like genre, theme, format, content, system… and also with regard to what age group the scenario might appeal to. However, you are not guaranteed a spot on the program because you have sent the only synopsis within a genre. If we find the quality gap to be too big we will have to accept that that specific genre is not presented this year. We would love to represent both action, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, social-realism, epic, light-hearted, documentary, larps, in-crowd, system driven and anything in between and beyond this.

We also look for a wide range in experience among the authors. Every year we want new authors to try and write a scenario for Fastaval, to make sure there is a steady flow of new blood coming in. We also want authors with a couple of Fastaval scenarios under their belt, to give them the opportunity to develop their abilities. And finally we want some very experienced Fastaval authors, so they can share their knowledge with the rest.

We also have to look at language. We love that more international authors have written for Fastaval in recent years, but we have to consider that most of the participants at Fastaval only want to play in Danish, so we can only accept so many English language scenarios.

Finally we come to the ratio between novellas and full-length scenarios. In 2018 the allocation of time slots at Fastaval allowed room for 6 novellas and 22 full-length scenarios and we aim for more or less the same numbers in 2019. But if the synopses pull us in another direction then we will consider revising the time slots.