Workshops and sparring

Workshops and sparring

April-August: Synopsis sparring (mostly for writers new to Fastaval)

If you are interested and have not written for Fastaval before then we would like to put you in touch with a sparring partner regarding writing your synopsis. It will be an experienced Fastaval author who can give some constructive feedback on your synopsis and hopefully increasing your game’s chance of being accepted at Fastaval. Send us an email on if you are interested.

August: Synopsis workshop

We will have two set of workshop meetings in Copenhagen and Aarhus this year, one for developing your idea and the second for feedback on your synopsis. These will be held on Thursday August 9th and Tuesday August 21st.

Since most of the international writers are not able to attend these meetings, we have also arranged for email-workshops that you can participate in.

The email-workshops will also focus on development of your idea and feedback of synopsis. The email-workshop will be done in English. It takes place over four days, where writers will be teamed together in small groups and will write emails with ideas, constructive thoughts and feedback.

The email-workshop will take place on Monday August 13th through Thursday August 16th. Please allow for 1 hour per day, if you want to participate.

If you want to participate in any of these workshops, write us at

September – February: Scenario sparring

Should your synopsis be selected for Fastaval 2019 we would be happy to help you get in touch with an experienced Fastaval author as a sparring partner for the next part of the writing process. We also gather all the authors for Fastaval 2019 in a common Facebook group, so you may exchange ideas and feedback with one another if you are interested.

During fall and winter we organize an additional three workshop meetings in Denmark. Participation in these are not at all mandatory, but should opportunity present itself we would be happy to see any of our international authors there. Especially to the writers-weekend in early November.

October: Workshop on the ‘scenario core’

What are the fundamental ideas and premises of your scenario, and how do you bring these into the play experience? Held on October 6th in Copenhagen and on October 7th in Aarhus.

November: Writers-weekend

An opportunity to meet and greet the other authors for Fastaval 2019. We retire to a cabin and spend the weekend workshopping, socializing and writing on the scenarios. The scenario-coordinators and their amazing kitchen crew takes care of the practical stuff. Takes place November 2nd to November 4th somewhere on the island of Zealand

January: Pitch workshop

All scenarios are presented to the participants of Fastaval with a short written pitch, and it is from these pitches that the participants choose which scenarios they would like to play. But writing a good and precise pitch can be hard. With only a few lines of text you have to communicate what kind of roleplay experience the scenario is aiming at. The goal of the pitch is not to attract as many players as possible, but to attract exactly those players for whom your scenario will be a good experience. Held on January 3rd in Aarhus and Copenhagen.