SAFETY at Fastaval

Do you have a concern, or have you experienced transgressive behaviour in connection with Fastaval?

During Fastaval the Safety Hosts are present to support you, just as you can always approach the General on Duty. Before and after Fastaval, you’re always welcome to contact Fastaval at

The Bunker takes all sorts of inquiries seriously, but it is important that you write to us. Without this, we cannot act on it. If you are in doubt about whether to write to us, do it. No inquiries are too inconsequential. We know that it sometimes takes time before you have the energy or feel the need to make contact. That is quite all right.

At, bunker crew members Marie Oscilowski and Mads HavshĂžj will receive your inquiry, after which we will have a dialogue about the course of action. All inquiries are treated alike, but the decision about eventual action is made on a case by case basis.

Procedure for personal inquiries

When you write to, we will engage in dialogue with you concerning the course of action. We may have questions or other concerns to discuss with you. At the next Bunker meeting, your inquiry will be treated. When a decision has been made, Marie and Mads will contact you with an answer.


Where is for inquiries before and after Fastaval, during Fastaval it is primarily the Safety Hosts who are in charge of safety. The Safety Hosts and the Bunker cooperate to make sure that safety is well covered for you.

The safety hosts are a group of organizers who during all of Fastaval always are ready for a chat or a cup of coffee, if you as a participant should need it. Fastaval is a huge space with a lot of people, so the safety hosts offers a room where nothing is too small or too big to be talked about, if you need to talk something through.

The safety hosts don’t judge, but listens and creates a mental space where you can process your experiences.
As a starting point are all conversations confidential, but it is possible to reach out to other parties if you both find it helpful – on your own terms of course.

You can always reach the safety hosts on the phone number +45 29 39 60 94 during Fastaval, or by reaching out to a Fastaval conductor near you.
There will also be posters around the premises with the safety hosts contact information.

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