The Bunker (central organizers of Fastaval) has come up with the following solution in relation to the premiere scenarios and design board games submitted to the Corona-cancelled Fastaval 2020. This solution was reached with input from current and upcoming board game and scenario coordinators as well as the current and future chairpersons of the Otto-juries.

The scenarios and board games will be judged this year (2020) by the current Otto-juries. However, there may be substitutions among the jury members as a result of the changed schedule.

The Ottos will be awarded in 2020 based on the submitted material alone. No player experiences will be obtained beforehand. The single exception will be the Participants’ Prize for the roleplaying scenarios (see below).

When and how to award the Ottos depends on the situation in the world and when it is safe and advisable for judges to physically gather to test board games, talk and deliberate. When the authorities open up the opportunity, jury-members and Fastaval will find a time and format that will allow us to present the nominations for, and awarding of, the Ottos.

All scenarios and design board games from 2020 will receive feedback from the Otto-juries if desired, and will be offered a run at Fastaval 2021. Fastaval will be allocating the required number of time-slots, so that all 2020 scenarios and board games will receive one time-slot at Fastaval 2021 (where they usually would have two or three). The scenarios and board games may be corrected, tuned and updated until Fastaval 2021, and they may be run at other conventions or venues in the meantime.

Scenarios from 2020, which in this way run at Fastaval 2021, participate in the competition for the Participants’ Price 2020. The scenario coordinators and other organizers will do their best to ensure that the scenarios participating in the competition will do so on a fairly equal footing.

Fastaval will support getting the 2020 board games and scenarios out to more players and participants. It could for example be on a ”Fastaval day” in Copenhagen in the fall of 2020, at other conventions or smaller events at schools, board game cafes, etc.

The selection process for new premiere scenarios and design board games for Fastaval 2021 will be as usual, but the number of accepted scenarios and board games will be scaled down a bit, so there is room for the 2020 reruns. 2021-Ottos will be awarded as usual.

Writers and designers who have scenarios or games on the 2020 program can still send in a new synopsis for the 2021 program, and it is up to the scenario and board game coordinators of 2021 to select and evaluate them based on the usual criteria.

The reason we have chosen this solution is that it accommodates designers and writers in 2020, who will have the opportunity to have their scenarios or board games played at Fastaval while keeping the Fastaval machine and creative energy going, so that new scenarios and board games may be developed while the usual excitement for Fastaval is maintained.

We know that it is not a perfect solution, but in this new and unpredictable situation, we feel that this solution best serves the majority of writers and designers, judges, participants and Fastaval.

On behalf of Fastaval and ALEA,

Kristian Bach Petersen, in charge of Role and Board Games in the Bunker, Fastaval 2020.

Questions or comments can be directed to