In this permadeath-inducing tabletop game,
keep your cat alive as long as possible
while contending with the laws of quantum physics and the lure of the unknown.
Ask yourself, players: will your curiosity kill the cat?

  • Duration: 5 to infinity… amount of minutes

  • Participants2-12+

  • Language: English

  • Digital platform: ZOOM (video meeting). The game group will meet first on the Discord server.


Schrödinger’s Cat is a pocket-sized game of curiosity that unfolds in ten minutes and stretches beyond the natural lifespan of the players. Equal parts infinite and intimate, two players, or two teams, take on the role of either the Cat Wrangler or the Scuba Master, making permanent, irreversible, life or death choices for their cat. Their goal, of course, is to keep their cat alive as long as possible.

Inspired by quantum physicist Dr. Edwin Schrödingers metaphysical thought experiment stating that a cat sealed in a bunker with a container of radioactive poison — that may or may not have opened — is both alive and dead at the same time, this destructible game begs the questiondoes curiosity really kill the cat?

Perfect for curious players who revel in experiences that push the boundaries of what a game can be.

About the designer

Jessica Creane (she/they) (Game Designer) is an award-winning interactive experience designer dedicated to crafting surprising games for curious people. She is the founder of IKantKoan LLC, a studio focused on playfully exploring complex subject matter like climate change, ethics, chaos, metaphysics, and love. Jessica is a Professor of Game Design at Drexel University, a climate change game designer with The National Parks Service, a 2021 Arctic Circle Artist-in-Residence, a member of the Rachael Carson Center Climate Change Existential Toolkit cohort, and she recently gave a TEDx talk about embracing uncertainty through play. She is a graduate of The Pig Iron School of Advanced Performance Training and her work has been presented at The World Economic Forum, PAX East, PAX Unplugged, IndieCade, Bandwi/d/th International, Tanween Creativity Festival in Ithra, Saudi Arabia, HERE Arts, NYC, BostonFIG, and on KQED San Fransisco. Her New York Times recommended playable theater show, CHAOS THEORY, recently won the Best Social Immersion Award from Immersion Nation. More can be found at

About the illustrator

Jenny/Benny Kessler (she/they) (Illustrator) is an illustrator, designer, and lettering artist based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. They creates surface designs, handlettered illustrations, and visual branding for theater companies, art galleries, game designers and the like. In their work, they have a fondness for mid-century stylings, bold lettering, and bright color palettes, influenced by a love of printmaking and vintage imagery. She received her MA in Illustration from Maryland Institute College Of Art and a BA in Costume Design from Fordham University.