Become a master wizard by learning and combining spells, gathering items, earning emblems, and outsmarting your opponents!

  • Duration: 2,5 hours (with 4 players)

  • Player count: 2-4

  • Language: English


Scotland WISS is a fighting game of wits and wizardry for 2-4 player. The game sets out to create an environment with a wide decision space and plenty of choices and tactics to utilize, all based upon a relatively few components and a light ruleset.

If devouring your opponent with a Preying Blob of Weakness or chasing him down with a ferocious Garbage Golem sounds just up your alley, you might stand a chance in the Annual Ranking Duels of Scotland WISS (the Scotland department of Wealthy Individuals’ Spellcasting Society). To emerge victorious, you must outsmart your opponents at every turn by permanently sacrificing spells to empower others, matching symbols to cast additional spells at the right time, looting secret stashes for valuable items, and earning prestigious emblems. Unlock spell schools such as gravity, reality and liquids and upgrade your wizard with equipment like a Double Monocle or even the legendary Tip Top Hat!

In Scotland WISS, players will encounter a mix of mechanics such as;

  • Multi-purpose cards
  • Character Building
  • Take that
  • Hand Management
  • Modular Game Board

The game features a scoring system in similar vein to games like Adrenaline, where each point of damage dealt is a potential victory point. There is no player elimination and the variety of spells, strategies, and emblems as extra scoring opportunities makes for a tense game where sudden comebacks lurk just around the corner.

About the designer

Joakim is 26 years old, lives in Kolding with his girlfriend and works as a mechanical engineer. He is currently playing Tainted Grail, Mechs vs Minions and Pandemic Legacy. When the mood shifts to lighter games, Love Letter, Goblivion or Tiny Epic Mechs are usually put on the table. Joakim aims to publish a board game through Kickstarter within the nearest future.

About the designer

Alexander just turned 30 and lives in Kolding with his wife and son. When not playing board games, he works as a digital marketing consultant. He has always been drawn to board games going beyond traditional well-known family games, but has only in the recent couple of years truly started exploring the hobby. He loves when there is a match in theme and mechanics and enjoys a broad variety of games from lighter games like Takenoko and Everdell to beasts like Nemesis and Cloudspire. This is his first time showcasing a design at Fastaval; an experience he looks very much forward to!