A game about privilege, discrimination, negotiation, and subjugation of power. Some characters will be discriminated against. There is no balancing. Life is just harder for some.

  • Duration: 90-120 minutes

  • Player count: 4-5

  • Language: English


Players take the role of aliens who are embroiled in a power struggle.

Go to school to be educated. Get a job. Get money. Buy food and shelter.

Meanwhile, money is also used to gain power. Whoever wins a rule-auction can decide to enforce it – or not – as they wish. Players are free to make threats, or ask for bribes in exchange for preferential treatment.

The world itself is unfair. Those who have fewer arms, eyes, or no eye-stalks will be discriminated against. Their starting position will be worse – usually with less money and education – and rules in-game will also disadvantage them.

It is possible for the most disadvantaged character to win – of course it is! – but only if they work harder, smarter, and better than anyone else. Work together. Exploit every single mistake made by the strongest characters. Rely on some goodwill.

By contrast, the most advantaged characters can enjoy ‘stamping down’ on everyone else.

About the designer

Born and raised in Mexico City, artist Tiz Creel moved to London to pursue an MFA in Fine Art. She specialised in game studies and play, methods that are heavily present on her artwork. “Play” has been a recurrent drive for her practice due to its amplification forms and applications. In a nutshell, it can obliterate and conceive all at once. Also, it is contingent not only to the individual experience but relations with others (If we can play together, we can live together). Driven by research, Tiz had participated and created Live-action-role play experiences, board games and interactive theatre-like experiences in the art context.

“I make games to provoke something transformative and potentially contribute to the cultural evolution of humankind” – Tiz Creel.

About the designer

Bez has been in love with games for most of her life. The way that rules can inform our behaviour, facilitate good times, and even encourage deep pondering and effect change.

Her first mass-produced game was Kickstarted in 2014, sent out the following year, and then re-released by Gigamic as ‘Yogi’ in 2017. She has also self-published a few other lighter games: Kitty Cataclysm, several games for the ELL deck, and the forthcoming +.

Bez continues to design and develop games to facilitate joy and good times, but is now also working on Challenging Structures (a LARP about legal gender/sex representation) as well as Seize the Power.