A teenager is slowly being transformed into a monster. This, however does not change his appetite for the other boys at school… But love is dangerous, when bleeding hearts isn’t just a metaphor.

Players/GM 4 players + 1 facilitator

Time 3-4 hours

Language English and Danish

Age limit 18+

How much do you have to read 3 pages 

  • Erotica

  • Teenagers

  • Body-horror


The blue liquid came out of both Simon’s eyes, and slid down his cheeks, like sapphire tears. “Do you love me?” he asked. It wasn’t long before the other guy, hidden in the darkness answered. “I don’t care what you are.” Sensually he started licking the liquid off Simon’s cheeks. It tasted sweet, a bit like rotten peaches.

Song of Simon is a quirky story about two twins going to an elite Swiss Boarding school. Things start out as light-hearted erotica, but turns sinister, as the twins realize that one of them is slowly turning into a monster, with an increasing appetite for raw flesh.

The scenario will be played semi-live, with some sections being narrated, and will involve close physical play. As an added bonus, two of the players will get to take on the the role of Mother, the teenagers inner voices, who is constantly commenting on their actions and watching them make out.

The designers

Last TK and Danny wrote for Fastaval, it involved a horny House. Now it involves a horny monster and Mother. They think they have come a long way.