Bake the muffins. Hide the jewels. Trust no one.
As part of the clandestine Illumuffinati you have succesfully stolen the Crown Jewels. Will you be able to bluff, lie, bake and bribe your way to safety or will you end up penniless in the gutter?
The Crown Jewels have been stolen but that’s hardly your concern. You’re just a humble muffin baker. Also you’ve stolen them, along with your fellow members of the mysterious muffinguild The Illumuffinati. The police are hot on your heels and nobody are safe. You have to hide the jewels or try to pawn them off to your fellow muffinbakers before they do the same to you.
The game lasts about 30-45 minutes, and is very easy to grasp. The players stock up on muffins and as many crown jewels as they dare. Obviously gold is more valuable than muffins, but only as long as the police doesn’t show up, so there’s a lot of room for high risk high reward plays.

Mechanics: Card Management / Bluff / Negotiation
Theme/Genre: Bluffing Card Game

About the designer: Peter works with work environment education in the public sector. He most often plays games that he’s never played before, to have a good excuse for losing. Other than novelty he is easily seduced by tiny game boxes and nice artwork as well as games that tell stories without using text.

Peter attempted to join the design contest in 2018 with a Cards Against Humanity clone, but has since gotten help and is now fully capable of having his very own independent ideas.