You did it, you finally got command of your very own starship.
Sure it’s not one of the new hyper-advanced shiny ships,
and yes your crew is mostly new recruits straight out of the academy,
but it’s all yours!

  • Duration: 20 min per player + 15 min rules

  • Participants2-4

  • Language: English

  • Digital platform: Tabletop Simulator. You must purchase and install this software before you can play.


The core of Star Meeples is the Crew Queue, that’s a twist on traditional deck/bag building games. You can always see all the meeples in your queue, all neatly arranged in a vertical line.

You have your own personal starship board and your own crew meeples. Each turn you take the top 4 meeples and you’ll place them on your starship board in traditional worker-placement style. Doing this lets you move your starship, complete missions, train your crew, defeat pirates, finish research projects and much more. The different rooms on your starship require different coloured meeples, so you’ll have to work with what you draw each turn.

Unlike traditional deck/bag building games there is no discard pile or bag, your meeples go into at the end of the turn. Instead, you choose the order in which all the meeples you use go to the back Crew Queue in. So you can plan ahead since you can see what meeples you’ll have to work with the following turns.

While players primarily score points by completing mission and research projects, they can also rescue civilians and defeat pirate ships for extra points, and compete for the public goals.

About me (designer)

Hi, my name is Peter and I’m the designer behind Star Meeples. This is my first real design (I’ve done various prototypes with other people before). I have been in the board game business for many years. I own and run the board game review site Tabletop Together, but after years of reviewing games, I thought it was time to actually create a game.