A competitive 2-5 player light-medium weight Dim Sum set collection game
offering a delicious cultural experience.

Be prepared to compete with other guests at your table
where you try to devour as much Dim Sum as possible
and leave the table with the most satisfied stomach.

  • Duration: 40-75 min

  • Participants2-5

  • Language: English

  • Digital platform: Tabletop Simulator. You must purchase and install this software before you can play.


Experience an Unforgettable Taste of Dim Sum
Deep in the mountains of a mythical land in the Far East, there was a world-renowned Dim Sum restaurant by the name of Steam Up. They were best known for their top 5 most popular Dim Sum: shrimp dumpling, meat dumpling, BBQ meat bun, sticky rice, and phoenix claw; their heavenly tastes had drawn food enthusiasts from all over the world! To ensure the freshness and quality of their food, the restaurant would only serve a limited quantity of their most popular Dim Sum at each table per day.

After traveling from afar coupled with a long lineup, you and a few hungry guests were finally seated at the same table ready to feast. Be prepared to compete with other guests at your table when you try to devour as much Dim Sum as possible and leave the table with the most satisfied stomach. Get your chopsticks ready for this Dim Sum feast at Steam Up!

Game Overview:
At the beginning of the game, Steamers, filled with different types of Dim Sum, are stacked and placed on a lazy susan table. Each round, players take turns performing 2 different actions. Players gain and spend food tokens to purchase Dim Sum in Steamers within their Feast Zone. There are 5 different Dim Sum available in the game. Players may also play Fortune cards to benefit themselves or affect their opponents. Starting the 2nd round, a Fate card is revealed each round to trigger an event that may affect all players. The game ends when a specific number of Steamers is purchased or the Fate deck is depleted. Final scoring is then calculated and the player with the most Hearty Points wins, leaving the table with the most satisfied meal.

About the designer

During the day and night, she is an ICU/Endoscopy nurse and a retired magician/producer. In between, she enjoys playing board games with her 4 kids (nieces) and her friends. Her board game collection has reached well over 100+ board games that includes a wide range of complexity and themed games. Favorite type of mechanism game: polygamino, abstract, and worker placement.

About the designer

She is both a techy and artistic person. Her main role during the day is an UI/UX Developer specializes in user experiences. She also does graphic design and web development as freelancing on the side. Her professional background and skill sets allow her to easily transition into board game design that she is doing today. Marie shares her board game collections with Pauline and often feeds their addictions together. She likes to play board games that seamlessly tie themes and mechanics together for enjoyable immersive experiences.