Storm Chasers is a real-time, pick-up and deliver game where all players act simultaneously to frantically roll their custom 6-sided dice and race across the countryside photographing storms and completing news and media contracts.Each round, one player will assume the role of the Storms while the remaining players will act as the Chasers.

As the Chasers, you will be driving around the board, photographing storms and racing back to the various cities to deliver those photos to complete your media contracts. Taking photos, locks up the Chaser’s dice so the more photos the Chasers take, the less dice they will have to use for their escape and delivery. This makes timely submission of their photos necessary to remain active in the chase. As the Storms, you will maneuver the storm tiles around the board to disrupt the chaser’s attempts to photograph the storms.

You will also utilize the tornado dreidel die to delay the Chaser’s progress and wreak havoc on the board. With the storms constantly in motion during the round, the Chaser’s will feel that they are actually chasing the storms in real-time.At the end of the game, players will add up their completed media contracts. Most points wins!

Mechanisms: Pick-up & Deliver, Set Collection, Real-Time Dice Rolling

About the designer: Dan recently relocated to Copenhagen with his family and works daily as an audit manager. While in Denmark, he has found a renewed desire to create board games, influenced stronglyby the innovation and passion of the local design community.Dan’s collection has reached well over 300+ board games -most of them catering to his preference of complex, yet elegant, euro-style games. When not playing or designing games, Dan loves talking about them as a co-host of the Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers. Favorite games include Terra Mystica, Village, T’zolkin and 7 Wonders.