Two murders spark the scheming from Neo Xins shining top to its sullied bottom. The detective Jackdaw returns to the city, where the dojos have degenerated into megacorporations, hunting profit and power in this neon crossover world of cyberpunk and wuxia.

Players/GM: 4 players + 1 game master

Time: 5 hours

Language: Player materials in Danish and English, the scenario text in Danish.

Age limit: 16+

How much do you have to read: 8 pages

  • Ensemble-drama

  • Tragedy

  • Cyberpunk


In the Haze of Neo Xin is an asymmetrical ensemble-drama set in a cyberpunk world originating from a fairytale Asia inspired by the wuxia genre. Three players each take on three different roles while the fourth play a detective who returns to her hometown to investigate how an AI is involved in two murders.

The game takes place both in the polished offices high above the clouds and in the heavy smog of the slums. Direct action against the other characters can only be taken during narrative scenes, which will have significant impact on how the story unfolds. At the end of the game several of the characters will be dead.

In the Haze of Neo Xin is a character driven drama where the players are co-creators of a shared story. The scenario is primarily played as character-scenes set by the players, in which the relations between the characters is explored and evolved.

In the room you create the story together, but in the streets of Neo Xin, everyone is alone.