Compete with your rival taverns to gain customers, expand, and furnish your tavern, in order to become the best in this mischievous medieval game of entrepreneurship.

  • Duration: 60 min

  • Player count: 3-5

  • Language: English


Welcome to Briarbuck, a crossroads-town filled to the brim with Taverns eager to service the many travellers passing through. Each of these Taverns are seeking to become the next legendary Tavern every adventurer just needs to visit. Anything goes when trying to get the customers to choose your Tavern; Offering discounts, accommodation, stealing and unethical marketing are all viable options, when it comes to competition in Briarbuck.

Expand and upgrade your tavern or spread rumors about the other Taverns to reduce the chance of customers choosing them over you. The customer is always right, and will always choose the cheapest option available, so you are guaranteed to end up in ‘bidding wars’ where each Tavern can offer discounts to the customers stay.

Each Customer is unique and requires different accommodations in order to take your Tavern into consideration for a stay, BUT will also bring exclusive and often advantageous abilities during their stay. As the game goes on, your Tavern will get more and more luxurious, as your customer base grows and becomes more exclusive.

We hope you enjoy your stay here at the Taverns of Briarbuck!

About the designer

Gameplay and rules – Simon is the brains behind Taverns of Briarbuck! Simon was a manager for a Dragons Lair store (now Faraos Cigarer), and it was here the first thoughts of Taverns of Briarbuck was willed into being together with Jeppe. Simon is a math-wiz and has spent the better part of the development of Taverns of Briarbuck adjusting his statistical analysis spreadsheet in order to not make silly strategies too overpowered.

About the designer

Visualization and artwork – Jeppe is the artist of Taverns of Briarbuck! Jeppe met Simon during a job-interview in the Dragons Lair Store Simon was managing. Here they learned that they could pair up nicely and during their time together in Dragons Lair, they came up with a bunch of ideas – one of them being Taverns of Briarbuck. Jeppes work is characterized by the direct correlation between the quality of his artwork and how large a quantity of coffee he has consumed that particular day.