In this dungeon crawl, a group of young pirates must prove their worth by bringing a treasure back to the ship. Cruelty might be necessary if they are to make it back before the tide traps them in the temple. But so might kindness.

Players/GM 3-5 players + 1 facilitator

Time 4 hours

Language English and Danish

Age limit None

How much do you have to read 3 pages 

  • Fantasy

  • Time pressure

  • Dungeon drama


In the inaccessible Temple of the Tides, there is said to be an ancient graven image of the Moon Goddess, possessing miraculous powers. These rumours attract unscrupulous folk – pirates – just as the rumoured traps and dangers of the Temple scare off sensible folk. However, the Captain of the Goshawk has a plan – he sends in a group of young recruits. If the boys succeed, great, and if not, it is no great loss. For the boys, it is a struggle for survival, and to win the favour of the Captain by proving to be the most ruthless pirate – both in a desperate race against the tide.

The Temple of the Tides is a drama about lost boys in a fucked up situation, and it is a fascinating and lethal dungeon crawl. The scenario uses D&D 5th edition rules with an added flashback mechanic, but system knowledge is not necessary. The player characters are level 2, and there are no spellcasters. The style is lurid, gritty, bloody and human.

The designer

Troels Ken Pedersen is an old hand at scenario writing. He believes passionately in roleplayers as co-creators, and that dungeons should be well crafted.