A group of young scientists compete to get tenure. The competition is fierce, the professors are demanding but good appearances must be kept at all times. Only half of them will succeed, but that is only the start. How much stress and unhappiness they have accumulated in the process will determine the real winner. Can you be among the best without being miserable?

Tenure tournament is euro-style game with path selection, resource management and a double win-condition.

Keywords: action-selection, path-selection, ressource management, double VP system.

Aske made the ambitious climate board game Parts Per Million for Fastaval last year and got an nomination for best innovation. He is also a regular in Copenhagens game design community.

About the designers:

Jakob has been a board game judge for 4 years, but this is his first game. He has also been facilitating game-testing at Bastard café for the last years. Both designers have studied philosophy and met each other at a job-seeking course