Chicago 1972. En gruppe aktivister udfører ulovlige aborter. Et langsomt og autentisk drama om at udleve sin politiske aktivisme med alle de svære valg og intense øjeblikke det medfører.

Keywords: Feminism – realistic drama – reproductive justice

Chicago 1972. A group of feminist activists risk imprisonment to offer illegal abortions to impoverished people. In the act of empowering women, they discover new things about their own power as women. This scenario is a charged, realistic drama about three women struggling to bring their whole lives into alignment with their feminist politics.

Players will argue about feminist politics, counsel people seeking abortion, and conduct abortions using a metatechnique. Characters will have personal conflict and political solidarity in equal measure. Characters will come to the uncomfortable realization that people who they care about sometimes oppress them, and learn that even a feminist organization can be racist.

Player Type: You are more interested in your character’s internal landscape than influencing the plot. You don’t mind taking a break from your primary character to vividly portray an NPC. No familiarity with 60s feminist politics is needed, though it’s helpful.

About the authors:
Jon Cole is a larp practitioner and sex educator in Minnesota, USA. When he’s not roleplaying Jon dances to blues music, watches films, and eats ice cream. Kelley Vanda is a game and community organizer in Minnesota, USA. When she is not facilitating other people’s fun Kelley does social justice work, crafts, and squees about media.

Om scenariet:
Antal spillere: 3 spillere og 1 spilleder.
Spilletid: 5 timer
Aldersgrænse: 16+
Sprog i spillermateriale: Engelsk
Sprog i scenarietekst: Engelsk
Læsemængden for spillere: 4+ sider