Requirements: Be prepared to be social and using your body to play

Maximum: of 40 participants

When: Thursday at 14-15.00

Where: Main entrance of Mariagerjord Gymnasie

Price: Free

So you’ve mastered the art of stacking games like Jenga and Klodsmajor and beaten every aunt, uncle or kid in town, and are now looking for more challenges? Or you’ve just got an hour to spare and are looking for some fun and casual craziness? Then sign up for “The Great Fastaval BickOff” tournament.

We’ve taken the traditionel stacking game of Jenga/Klodsmajor and applied several ounces of Fastaval madness to it, gradually introducing obstructions at the tournament progresses. Everyone can join, regardless of age and it’s just for fun, but in the end only one will emerge as “The Official Fastaval Champion of Bricks”.