A sci-fi story about the relationship between ancestors and descendants in a future where the digital grave provides opportunity of eternal life – as long as the descendants are willing to pay for the server.

Keywords: Ancestor veneration – Family –  Sacrifice

The Truth About Eternity is a semi-live scenario about a near-future in which ancestors are preserved in digital tombs, with their descendants bearing the responsibility for their perpetual upkeep. Players take on the roles of ancestors and their descendants in a Korean/Korean American family in the midst of a struggle to balance their own needs with those of the family as a whole. They will face the challenges that come with aging and caring for the aging, the inevitability of profound loss, and the battle between personal freedom and familial responsibility. While the scenario will explore these themes through the lens of Korean culture, no previous knowledge of the culture is required.

The scenario is played out over five acts and an epilogue, and uses repetition of flashbacks and flashforwards to highlight the regrets of each family member. Each act represents a different phase of the characters coming to terms with or trying to reinvent their roles within the family and within their relationships with one another. Players can expect to experience a bittersweet story that gives them the chance to look at obligation and intergenerational relationships in a new light.

About the author:
Clio Yun-su Davis is a Korean American game designer and writer whose work explores grief, Asian and Asian American experiences, and existential dread. They design larps, tabletop roleplaying games, and card games, and write interactive fiction. Their freeform game The Long Drive Back from Busan won the Golden Cobra Challenge award for Best Game That Incorporates Meaningful, Non-Romantic Relationships in 2017. This will be Clio’s first time attending Fastaval.

About the scenario:
Number of players: 5 players and 1 GM
Play time: 4-5 hours
Age limit: 15+
Language of player materials: Danish and English
Language of GM materials: English
Amount of reading: 2 pages