Welcome to the Fastaval signup 2020

The registration consist of a number of pages, where you can put together, your individual Fastaval experience. You can sign up for everything until March 4th 2020. Hereafter you can no longer sign up for activities, wear and food. During your registration, we will ask you to sign up as either a participant, a junior participant or an organizer. We will also ask you about information, which we will use to give you the best Fastaval experience.
There is not an all-inclusive price for Fastaval. Your final price will be calculated on the last page, depending on your choices in regards to the participation price (partout or single days), food, accommodation, wear, etc. The part of your registration that will take the longest, are which roleplaying games, boardgames and other activities you would like to participate in. You can always return to previous parts of the registration, if you have any changes. You can also finish your registration and log back in at another time, to make changes, e.g. choosing or changing activities. Just remember, that you can only make changes until March 4th

You can always write us at info@fastaval.dk!


You are not registred as a participant of Fastaval 2020, until you receive your registration email. If you do NOT receive the registration email from us, please E-mail us at info@Fastaval.dk, so that we can resend it to you or figure out where the error might be.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – Information about storage and management of your information

When you sign up for Fastaval, or you sing up your child, you indicate that you agree that: All information you give us in the following sign up can be accessed by the following persons:

The chairman and treasurer of Alea, the Bunker of Fastaval and the Information of Fastaval. Furthermore necessary information can be passed on to other relevant Fastaval-organizers (e.g. group-planners and scenario managers). Only information relevant for the organizers’ work regarding Fastaval will be passed on to them.

Your private information will be stored by Alea in a secured online database. Name, address and contact information will be stored, even after Fastaval, because Alea’s membership of Bifrost requires that these things can be provided for each member, regarding Bifrost’s collection of membership funds and insurance.

Information about your health will be deleted immediately after Fastaval 2020. We ask you to please only provide essential information about your health.

Because of economic law regulations, Alea will store your information up to five years (except information about health). After this, all information will be anonymized and hereafter only data for statistics will be stored; as a minimum, names, addresses and contact information will be deleted. Alea is responsible for managing your information correctly.

If you sign up you child you also consent to you being the last caretaker of the preservation and handling of your child’s information. If you are 17 or younger your parent have to authorize your sign up.

If you wish to get your data deleted, you can always contact Alea at alea@fastaval.dk