TPS (Third Person Shooter)

Morten Lund & Mads Havshøj

Genre: Humour / fighting

TPS: Third Person Shooter is, briefly described, a board game version of Counterstrike. We have focused on making the game super fast and easy to both learn and play, so you can focus of the kill count! Here there’s no such thing as “turn order”. Everything happens simultaneously, so you have to stay alert!

The main concept is team vs. team matches, either to save/keep the hostages or disarm/blow up the bomb. You can buy better weapons, armor and other useful gear, each giving you a slight edge.

Playing time: A round can be played in 10-15 minutes and matches are played either for a set period of time or to a set number of wins

Simultaneous action – tabletop

Luck vs. Skill:
Playing time: Approx. 0.25 hour
Players: 4-20!

The game is a part of the ‘BATTLE / DYST’ Blok