As the Franco regime falls, four fascists flee towards the French border to escape the communists. Trapped in the storm that drives people mad their idealism is put to the test.

Keywords: Guilt – Psychological – Pressure

When the Tramuntana wind is coming, close your windows tight, barricade your doors and stay inside. When the Tramuntana wind hits, can you hear it in the church bells, because the wind eats all sound. When the Tramuntana wind howls, do not get captured by it, because in the wind, that rips the ground to pieces, you lose your mind. If the Tramuntana wind takes you, you will meet yourself, as you really are. Because the Tramuntana wind eat and devours. Only the king in the tower, can without fear look down on those trapped in the wind and wait for their judgement.

We follow four fascists on the run towards France, from the communist who have taken control with Barcelona in the wake of Francos death. In transit they get swallowed by the feared Tramuntana wind and the madness that comes with it. As the four slowly loses their minds in the wind, past sins melt together with their very real escape towards freedom, and they must fight for their shared survival. If the four gets swallowed by the wind and broken by guilt or reach safety in France is up to the players of the game.

Tramuntana is a psychological horrorgame, which themes is remorse, guilt and past sins.

About the scenario:
Number of players: 4 players and 1 GM
Play time: 4-5 hours
Age limit: 18+
Language of player materials: Danish
Language of GM materials: Danish
Amount of reading: 2 pages