The mist is getting closer and closer. Tramp sounds, grunts and roars fill the city with fear. What is inside the mist?

  • Duration: 45-60 minutes

  • Player count1-2

  • Language: English


In this tower defense inspired game, you take on the role of either the king of the city of men, or the alpha troll. The king’s mission is to protect the city by gathering knowledge of the unknown enemy and to build a defense of walls, towers, catapults, traps and more. In the protection of the thick and drifting mist, the alpha troll must try to maneuver its unintelligent trolls towards the city, so that it can take over the land and become the ultimate alpha.

The playing method of the two roles is asymmetrical and reflects the difference between the trolls and the humans in the game. The trolls are big and clumsy, and are driven only by their basic desires and simple commands, whereas the people are adaptable and able to understand advanced commands and the meaning of them.

Despite differences, there are similarities as well. The commands of the king and the alpha troll are both symbolized by tiles which is drawn from a bag and then placed on the board. The art of the game is therefore to control the contents of the bag as best as possible, so that the odds of pulling the right pieces at the right time is most likely.

About the designer

I am a 33 years old designer. Back in the 5th grade I designed my first board game. Since then i kept the interest in design processes and the creation of different universes and atmospheres. Since my first game, I have come up with various half-finished game ideas. However, it really took off when I got a job 4 years ago that gave me a lot of free time and allowed me to live out my dream of designing board games. I haven’t published a game yet, but I hope that Fastaval and my game Trolls From The Mist can help me in the right direction.