The gods have come together at Urd’s Council for one of their countless discussions, and as an inferior thrall you can only dream of the prospect of becoming a god’s favourite after the council has ended. So, you’d better start adulating and manipulating the best that you’ve learned, because there are others who wants the spot.

  • Duration: 20 – 30 minutes

  • Player count3-5

  • Language: Danish and English


Imagine that the gods are at a council and are showing support to each other as they present their arguments. Obviously they don’t have a big benefit in agreeing with themselves at the end of the discussion, but if they were to have gained support from other participants of the discussion – then it’s a completely different case.

Thus, it is your job as a thrall to influence the gods into showing each other support during the game. This could be as to make Odin win the discussion at the end of the game by getting the other gods to support him the most throughout the game. That would be very nice for Odin, but also nice for that or those players, that have shown him their allegiance up until the end of the game.

The game is a fast paced action selection game.

You manipulate the council and the support that the gods show each other by playing action cards – and with each played cards you also show which of the gods you yourself pledge your allegiance towards, since the cards are colour coded after the specific gods.

When the game reaches an end there will be both winners amongst the gods and one winner amongst the players – based on which gods you have shown the most allegiance through the game.

The gods in the game have a deck each, and you decide from which one you will draw cards – and thereby also which gods’ cards you will be able to play to your discard pile – at the end of the game it is your discard pile that tells, what allegiance you have pledged.

About the designer

Emilie has been a part of the board game scene since the spring of 2016, where she became a board game guru at a local board game cafe – despite having no prior experience with games. But board games sure bring people together and Emilie and her husband even met each other at the local board game café, and their shared collection of more than 100 titles also shows that Emilie has embraced the board game world wholeheartedly.

Emilie has also been part of the lead organising group of Aarhus Brætspilsfestival in 2017 and 2018 and has participated in Fastaval since 2018, where she attended as part of the board game jury. In 2019 she participated in the Game Rush challenge and won with Urd’s Council (at that time named Mimisbrunnr), the same game with which she has now entered the board game competition.