In this scenario, you create a religion, live by its precepts, abandon its doctrine, and then explore how life is different outside its fixed framework.

Players/GM 4 players + 1 facilitator

Time 4 hours

Language English

Age limit 16+

How much do you have to read 1-2 pages 

  • Existential

  • Introspective

  • Collaborative


What happens when you lose faith in the only world you know? In this highly collaborative and introspective scenario, you become storytellers of one person’s journey out of a secluded religion and into the wild world. How will they reconcile what they were taught with what they observe with their own eyes? What will they explore now that they’re no longer confined to the teachings they were given at birth? What will they miss from their old life?

It begins with outlining the protagonist, their community and religion. Then, by acting out a series of scenes, the players share moments in the protagonist’s life, starting at the beginning where they feel warm and safe in their environment, then growing gradually more and more disillusioned until they reach a crisis point and decide to throw off the paradigm they were born with. Life outside of the community is then explored, touching on feelings of disorientation, anger, desire, and beyond.

The designer

Sarah Jane Murdock has been involved in the gaming community as a player, creative collaborator, and facilitator for over 10 years. She was inspired to write this larp based on her own faith transition and her research on James W. Fowler’s Stages of Faith.