A bus accident changes everything. The memories from the school trip will always be in the shadow of the disaster. And the wait will be long for the families, who don’t know whether or not they will see their kid again.

Players/GM 15-60 players + 3 facilitators

Time 4-5 hours

Language English and Danish

Age limit None, but beware the theme

How much do you have to read 1 page

  • Tragedy

  • Immersion

  • LARP


“Dear parents, on friday our young people will return from Berlin, full of new experiences. You are invited to welcome them home at the gymnasium with flags and hugs.“
-Message for parents

It was just supposed to be a run of the mill study trip, but the accident changed the whole week completely. I will never forget that journey, or those that didn’t make it home.
-A student after the accident

For this larp everyone plays in the same run. Either as student on the trip or as the families waiting for them. This is a tragedy about waiting, about facing death. But it’s also about strength of our closest relations and about valuing the short time we have together.

The students will experience fragments of the trip, seen through the lens of what is waiting ahead. The players will together create solidarity in the class before the accident strikes.

The families play the waiting time during the day when the students are supposed to arrive home. Apprehension turns into fear as the bus is more and more delayed. In the end comes resolution either as relief or the worst that can happen.

Both play experiences is about immersion. The plot can’t be changed, instead the players will be swept along, and focus are on the emotions they experience during it.

The designer

Death and youth are stable companions in Simons scenarios. He’s written over 10 scenarios for Fastaval, among them “The Courage of Teddies”, “…And that’s it” and “Unaccompanied”, as well as a handful of black box larps, such as “Waiting for Flight GO901” that inspired this larp. He was the main organizer of Black Box Horsens for five years.