Who Makes Fastaval

Fastaval’s heart is the more than 100 volunteers that each year works hard to ensure, that we all have the best Fastaval possible. Behind all the volunteers is the bunker, who coordinates and make sure, everything is done.

Hvem laver Fastaval

From left to right you see: Christian, Martin, Laura, Bjarke, Caroline, Anders, Kathrine, Charles, Joan, Alex og Mathias.

It’s us you’ll see as acting generals as Fastaval.

If you want to see more about the members of the bunker, you can do so at our facebook page (link).

A special group of volunteers has contributed to ensuring the website is available at both Danish and English. It’s the Fastaval Translator Task Force, which is a group of volunteers that works year round seperate from Fastaval to translate everything – both scenarios and websitetext. You can join, by adding yourself to their facebook page (link).