Guest of honor at Fastaval

Each year Fastaval invites an exciting and famous person/group as the guest of honor to communicate and convey their work within Fastaval-related activities – like board games, roleplaying games, and Larp. Every guest of honor is different with different takes on roleplaying, board gaming and game design.

Sometimes the guest of honor is an influential person within gaming culture with many years working in an established gaming institution, like Mark Rein Hagen or Steve Jackson. But just as often the guest of honor is a less known designer or gaming personality with a new and unique take on game design to inspire and amaze the participants.

At Fastaval we want to learn about new game cultures and other designers experience. But our guest of honor program is not just about receiving, but about passing on Fastaval’s many unique traditions and design culture. Throughout the yeas we have had several Guests of Honor who was not only deeply inspired by the people and the games they met at Fastaval, but also came back to contribute creatively. We are very proud of the creative space that Fastaval has become through the years and we look forward to hosting new exciting people every easter.

Guests of Honor at Fastaval 2020

Fatima Abdulkarim

Fatima Abdulkarim is a Palestinian larp organizer and designer based in Ramallah. She is one of the founding members of the Palestinian larp community, which has taken inspiration from Nordic larp to form it’s own particular exciting style. Fatima has contributed internationally to the larp Halat Hisar in Finland, about occupation. She has fascinating things to tell us about roleplaying games under different circumstances and across cultural divides. And perhaps she can bring something home from Fastaval about roleplaying games that do big things without requiring much of the physical surroundings.

She tweets as @FatiabdulFatima

Juhana Pettersson

Juhana Pettersson is a Finnish author, roleplaying game designer and larp organizer. He has written games about love and Chernobyl, about vampires (Juhana has contributed to both major larps and Vampire 5E), and even about heroic penguins. He has taken part in organizing Halat Hisar, a Finnish-Palestinian larp about occupation that has run several times in Finland, with Palestinian participation. Recent years have seen Finnish participation in Fastaval, and Finnish contributions, and with Juhana we can cultivate the Finnish connection – and see what exciting things can come of this, going both ways.

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