I Don’t Like Mondays

On Monday the 29th of January, 1979, 16 year old Brenda Ann Spencer picks up a Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle and fires 500 shots at a school opposite her house. Barricaded in her home she kills two and injuries nine. When a journalist asks her why, the only reply she gives is: I don’t like Mondays, this lightens up the day.

I don’t like Mondays is a surreal drama about Brendas mental rout during the six months prior to the shooting. It’s a scenario that explores the human psyche by letting the players create a literal narrative of what goes on in Brendas mind. In I don’t like Mondays each player plays a different version of Brenda. As the scenario progresses the barriers between the three versions of Brenda are torn down and her dream and realities becomes indistinct. The more the lines in her mind are washed away the less she knows herself; the les she knows herself, the more she despairs. In the end there is not other way for Brenda – she has to find out which part of her pulls the trigger.


Game time: 4 Hours

Number of players: 3 players and a game master

Type of player: You are a co-creator and you enjoy a complicated narrative.

Type of game master: You have the ability to set and cut scenes while also playing some of the scenario’s minor characters.

About the author: Ann has a great love for quirky, untold stories – preferably with some root in reality. She also enjoys writing surreal stories much more than she enjoys playing them.