Old Friends

By Jason Morningstar and Ole Peder Giæver

Back in the ‘90’s you were a team. You hunted ghosts together. You used an ancient technique that reliably bridged two worlds, and you put a lot of souls to rest.

Like any team you were a mess of individual flaws, contradictions and rivalry, but it worked.

It worked until one of you died.

It happened at a haunted school, back in ’96. Seemed like a routine investigation at first; turned into your worst job ever.

And that was it. You were done. Disbanded after the criminal investigation. The authorities filed the death away as “natural causes”. You all knew better, but kept your mouths shut. What choice did you have?

And now here you are: The same school, the same classroom. Renovated, painted, bright. The past has brought you back together. Together for that one last job.

The game runs like a larp, but with your regular clothes. There is no GM or scene structure. The classroom at the festival represents the classroom in the game. Some cards will help focus play. And there is a special mask for contacting ghosts.


Duration: Four hours

Number of players: Five, including “facilitator” who reads the game and explains the basics. GM-less beyond that (everyone plays a character).

Tags: Drama, personal horror, contemporary, semi-larp/structured freeform

Player type: You’re fond of improvisation, generating your own content and building on that of others. No previous larp/freeform experience should be necessary. The method will be explained.

GM type: The game runs without GM. Everyone’s a player. But we need one person for each group to read the scenario and explain the method to the others.

Languages: Danish/English


Jason Morningstar (US): Jason loves to make and play games. He’s fond of both tabletop and larp, and tends to favor a GM-less approach in his designs.
Ole Peder Giæver (Norway): Life has been a constant struggle for Ole Peder to learn the rules of the games he loves so much. He was very happy when he heard of freeform.