Tiny Problems

By Jesper Stein Sandal

In the end, gravity always win, as it says in Bigby’s handwritten footnotes to the Fly spell. 

And gravity won again, as the box of magic potions hit the floor of the wizard’s laboratory and the bottles shattered.

“Whoops,” the bard said and shrunk to the size of a grain of sand.

A party of second rank adventurers are hired by a desperate wizard who needs their help to stop a magic disaster. But one clumsy bard later leaves the adventures shrunk to just a few millimeters.

Tiny Problems is a game that lets you play a D&D adventure inspired by the good old days when it wasn’t always just dungeons filled with monsters. And you might recognize some similarities with movies like ‘Honey, I’ve Shrunk the kids’ and other tiny adventures.

The game uses D&D 5th Edition rules which is the simplest and most elegant version since the famous red box. But even though there will be dice rolling, the most important part will be creative problem solving rather than tracking hit points or figuring out the rules for grappling.


Duration: Max. 5 hours.

No. of players: Up to 5 players and 1 GM.

Tags: Fantasy, comedy, magic, action.

Player type: You don’t need to be familiar with D&D, but you’ll have a solid foundation if you at some point has played something that looked like it, or if you were jealous of those who played it before vampires were something you played and not killed.

GM type: You should have some familiarity with the current edition of D&D, but more importantly you must be able to have fun and laugh alongside the players even you roll terribly for your monsters.

About the author: Jesper has been writing games for Fastaval since 1997, and this year he should be right at home with a game that combines comedy and D&D.

Language: The game is available in Danish and English.

Age: 13+