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Service locations on Fastaval

On Fastaval you will find a number of service points that should make your experience at the congress as good as possible. All areas are run by Fastaval organizers with the help of Do-It-Yourselfs. Below is an overview of the various service locations Fastaval:

The Information (also called the Info) is Fastaval’s one-stop place if you need help or information. This is where you need to go if you have questions, are lost, have problems with your scenario, need a band-aid, need the phone number for the nearest taxi service or need to get in contact with the organizers.

The members of the Information Crew are called Infonauts and they are easily recognized by their orange colours and fez hats. It is the Information you meet on your first day at Fastaval when you are checked in and receive your wristband. Likewise, it is the Information which ensures that all scenarios have the players they need and that any vacant spots are given to interested players from the reserve queue.

If you want to help out at the Information, you can become a trainee for a day. Contact the Information if you want to try out being an Infonaut.

The Information is located at Mariagerfjord Gymnasium.

Opening hours
Wednesday: 12-21
Thursday-Saturday: 9-21
Sunday: 9-17

The safety hosts are a group of organizers who during all of Fastaval always are ready for a chat or a cup of coffee, if you as a participant should need it. Fastaval is a huge space with a lot of people, so the safety hosts offers a room where nothing is too small or too big to be talked about, if you need to talk something through.

The safety hosts don’t judge, but listens and creates a mental space where you can process your experiences.
As a starting point are all conversations confidential, but it is possible to reach out to other parties if you both find it helpful – on your own terms of course.

You can always reach the safety hosts on the phone number (not available yet) during Fastaval, or by reaching out to a Fastaval conductor near you.
There will also be posters around the premises with the safety hosts contact information.

#needatalk #wehavecoffee

Den vagthavende general er en ansvarsperson, som du kan få fat på døgnet rundt under Fastaval. Vagthavende kan kontaktes af både deltagere og arrangører på telefon +45 40 38 82 87.

Hvem er vagthavende general?

Opgaven som vagthavende general varetages på skift af årets bunkermedlemmer. Den vagthavende general kan altid kendes på sit blå skråbånd med skriften “General”. Til højre kan du se, hvem årets bunker er.

Læs mere mere om bunkeren her.

Hvordan kan vagthavende general hjælpe?

Du kan altid ringe til den vagthavende general, hvis du har brug for hjælp. Det kan eksempelvis være, hvis du eller andre er kommet til skade, du er befinder dig i en utryg situation, eller der er problemer med udefrakommende instanser.

I akutte tilfælde bør du altid ringe 112 først.

I langt de fleste tilfælde fungerer den vagthavende general primært som en hjælpende hånd til årets arrangører. Under Fastaval er det altid den vagthavende general, som tager ad hoc beslutninger og løser de problemer og situationer, der måtte opstå. Det er den vagthavende general, som tager de svære problemer med til resten af bunkeren, så bunkeren i fællesskab kan vurdere situationen. Det er også den vagthavende general, som har nøglerne til alle lokaler på Fastaval.


  • Hvis du er deltager eller arrangør og har brug for information, kan du kontakte Infoen.
  • Hvis du har brug for en snak eller et mentalt rum til at bearbejde en oplevelse, kan du altid kontakte Tryghedsværterne.

Fra venstre mod højre: Ole Sørensen, Mads Havshøj, Marie Oscilowski, Martin Lindhardt, Kathrine Abel,  Andreas Ravn Skovse, Anne Serup Grove og Laura Gerlev Hansen

At Fastaval, there are Fire Patrols around the clock.

The Fire Patrol consists of a small organisers’ group, which, each Fastaval, takes on the longest and toughest of night shifts so our participants and organisers can feel safe and sleep at ease. It is also the Fire Patrol who keeps the dorm in check and checks the bracelets so trespassers won’t gain access to your stuff.

You will find the Fire Patrol outside the dorm at Hobro Sports Center.

If you wish to help out at the Fire Patrol you can choose to use your DIT-task here.

With more than 900 participants, Fastaval produces more than two full industrial-sized containers of garbage every Easter. Dirtbusters is an organiser group dedicated to the heroic battle against garbage and Chaos, and keep Fastaval clean for the benefit of all of us. They are recognisable by their coveralls, their plunger-and-duct-tape weaponry and their battle names, which will definitely call to mind an assortment of cleaning agents.

Dirtbusters work around the clock at Fastaval to create a clean and comfortable environment.

If you want to help out at Dirtbusters, you can choose to spend your DIT-task here.

På Fastaval produceres der hvert år rigtig meget opvask. Selvom deltagerne generelt er gode til at stille deres beskidte service til vask, så er der alligevel brug for en ekstra indsats. Hver Fastaval står et friskt team af opvaskere klar, og sammen med GDS’er vasker de alting i bund og stiller tingene på plads igen. På den måde er der altid rene tallerkener, bestik og andet service på Fastaval. Opvasken er en relativ usynlig arrangørpost, men de er altid i højt humør og sætter en ære i god arbejdsmoral. Opvask på Fastaval er et super vigtigt område, så giv en high-five næste gang du møder en arrangør fra opvasken.

Ønsker du at hjælpe til hos Opvasken, kan du vælge at bruge din GDS-tjans her.

Indhold kommer snarest muligt

Indhold kommer snarest muligt

Indhold kommer snarest muligt