Thank you for a great year!

Fastaval 2018 is over and the work with Fastaval 2019 is slowly starting.

The work with Fastaval 2019 is slowly starting. This means that we are working on a new website and there will be limited information about Fastaval 2019 on this page over the next few months. We expect the new website to be launched on August 1st.

If you need to contact next years organizers, please reach us on the following mails:

  • Main organizers for Fastaval 2019:
  • The Information:
  • ALEA, the union behind Fastaval:
  • Activities, Kathrine Abel:
  • Scenarios, Louise Floor Frellsen and Niels Jensen:
  • Boardgames, Morten Lund and Max Møller:
  • Communication, Laura Gerlev Hansen:


Are you unsure who you should write? You are always welcome to contact the main organizers at We will send you in the right direction.

You can also contact os via facebook.

The Bunker for 2019: Martin Lindhardt, Andreas Ravn Skovse, Marie Oscilowski, Anne Serup Grove, Kathrine Abel, Ole Sørensen, Laura Gerlev Hansen and General Mads Havshøj.

Next Fastaval will be held over Easter 2019 – and we are looking forward to it!

Do you want to contribute to next years Fastaval? Contact us at and we’ll talk about how you can contribute. Ideas are always welcome.