Facts about Fastaval 2020

Fastaval is Denmark’s biggest role-playing and board games convention.

Every Easter, close to 1000 people, gather in Hobro to share their common passion for roleplaying and board games and to be part of a unique community.

Fastaval is a convention with a proud tradition for creativity. Every year there is written and designed, some of the worlds best roleplaying scenarios and board games, for Fastaval. But you can also experience a number of other activities, guest of honor, podcast-hour, Fastaval TV, or you can hang out with new and old friends in the Board Game Café or party in the Fastaval Bar

Sunday evening is traditionally ended with the big Otto show, where prizes are awarded to the best role-playing and board games.

  • Mariagerfjord Gymnasium: Amerikavej 5, 9500 Hobro

  • 13 -18. April 2022

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