by Jeppe Norsker and Jakob Bang


With shaking hands and teary eyes you open the sealed cardboard box. Day 8, it says on the label. "If you do not get a message from me each day for a week, I am in trouble." Your sister did not disclose what her mission was about, but the fear in her eyes was not to be mistaken. This time it was something special. Go on a desperate rescue mission in the roles of Sigrid, who has lost contact with her sister.


  • Time: 90 min per act
  • Players: 1 – 5
  • Language: Danish/ English

The military has isolated the island of Bornholm from the rest of the world under mysterious circumstances. You play the main character, Sigrid, who receives a cryptic message from her sister, pleading for help. She is doing research into biological warfare-drugs, and you travel alone to Bornholm in the hope of saving her before it is too late. What you find on the island turns out to be far more terrifying than you had feared.

Sunshine Island is a new and independent trilogy set in the 50 Clues series. No preparation is required to get started with the puzzle games. After watching the 5 minute tutorial video, you are ready to begin. The story unfolds through three episodes, each of which takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

What is a 50 Clues game?
50 Clues is a puzzle game that you and your friends solve together. A kind of "Escape room adventure in a box". The games are played using illustrated cards and a companion app.

See a video about how to play here:

About the designers

Jeppe Norsker is a professional game designer and publisher and has participated at Fastaval throughout most of his life. After a number of years of designing educational games, Jeppe switched focus to developing entertainment games with, among others, Match Madness, Bermuda Pirates and later the 50 Clues series.

Jakob Bang has a bachelor's degree in game design from the Royal Academy and loves writing stories. The perfect match for developing new 50 Clues experiences.